[Rushtalk] Heritage Exposes Yet Another Problem With Obamacare

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Wed Nov 6 21:43:22 MST 2013

>Exposes Yet Another Problem With Obamacare Website
>by Lindsey Martin
>Barack Obama
>Yet another Obamacare website fiasco developed 
>over the weekend—and The Heritage Foundation got the scoop.
>After discovering his existing insurance plan 
>was being canceled because of Obamacare, North 
>Carolina resident Justin Hadley signed up for an 
>account on HealthCare.gov. 
>Hadley logged on later to review his options, on 
>his screen popped up the eligibility information 
>for a different family from another state.
>This breach of privacy and data security is far 
>from the only problem that has surfaced with the 
>health care website. It’s just one in a long 
>list that keeps growing. Everything from people 
>getting locked out of the website, to invalid 
>premium statement information, to the Obama 
>administration’s a lack of honesty about the website’s problems.
>Besides the privacy of millions of Americans 
>being threatened, 
>freedoms, consciences, and pocketbooks are being 
>violated as well. Not to mention, President 
>Obama went back on one of his biggest promises 
>of all: if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.
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