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At 07:28 AM 11/9/2013 -0800, Tom Matiska wrote:
>Once again your "answer" fails to explain how 
>apathy works better.....   yawn...

Once again what you describe as apathy isn't.

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>JAQ always asks me to explain why voting is 
>stupid, and I always answer the same.
>But this article says what my tied tongue 
>cannot. Read it and weep, and don't forget to 
>vote, even though you know, deep in your hearts, that it'll do no good!
>Abusive Government: The Good Guys Are NOT Coming To Save Us
>· Apr 23rd, 2013
>Abusive Government: The Good Guys Are NOT Coming To Save Us
>A lot of Americans know that the US government 
>is out of control. Anyone who has cared enough 
>to study the 
>Constitution even a little knows this. Still, 
>very few of these people are taking any 
>significant action, and largely because of one 
>error: They are waiting for “the good guys” to show up and fix things.
>Some think that certain groups of politicians 
>will pull it together and fix things, or that 
>politician will ride in to fix things. Others 
>think that certain members of the military will 
>step in and slap the politicians back into line. 
>And, I’m sure there are other variations.
>There are several problems with this. I’ll start with the small issues:
>    * It doesn’t happen. A lot of good people 
> have latched on to one grand possibility after 
> another, waiting for a good guy to save the 
> day, and it just doesn’t happen. Thousands of 
> hours of reading, writing and waiting are 
> burned with each new “great light” who 
> comes along with a 
> <http://www.freemansperspective.com/time-for-change/>promise 
> to run the system in the “right” way, and 
> give us liberty and truth. (Or whatever.) Lots 
> of decent folks grab on to one pleasant dream 
> after another, only to end up right back where 
> they started
 but poorer in timee, energy and finances.
>    * Hope is a scam. It’s a dream of someday, 
> somehow, getting something for nothing. People who hope do not act –

Paf Dvorak  
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