[Rushtalk] It's time again for the Annual 'Stella Awards'!

Tom Matiska tom.matiska at att.net
Tue Nov 12 09:37:10 MST 2013

I remember Ted Koppel trying to set the record straight at the time and he may as well have been talking to the wall.  For as bad as today's media is, it is what many consumers want and deserve.   McD's lawyers could have settled out of court by paying a modest $20k for her skin grafts and 10 days in the hospital.  They were the biggest fools in legal history to let a jury see the horrific photos of grandma's burns. 



 From: Paf Dvorak <notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info>

If you'da followed that link I posted, you'd know that that Micky-dee's
thing wasn't as we all were told either.
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