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Thu Nov 14 23:18:49 MST 2013

At 10:45 AM 11/13/2013, Phillip Gerdes wrote:
>My Friend, the truck drive, was in an accident on I-70.  He drives a 
>double trailer and drives the speed limit.  On a dark night a herd 
>of cows ran onto the highway and he plowed into them.
>The media said truck had an accident, hit a cow.
>He killed ten cows and the interstate was shutdown to clean up the mess.
>He is okay, broken wrist, and his body hurts all over.
>I heard the rancher is going to be responsible, hope he has insurance.
>The media can't even report an accident correctly.  What are they 
>good for anyway?

         Not a flippin' thing! - jaq (who worked in broadcast and 
print media for several decades)

>Phil Gerdes
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