[Rushtalk] Fed Programs Preschool, Says No Lunch From Home Without Doctor's Note

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this is one place where anarchy definitely has its place because it
makes the people stronger than the government which has grown beyond its
legal limits.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fed Programs Preschool, Says No Lunch From Home Without Doctor’s Note

It looks like the days of trading half of your peanut butter and jelly
sandwich for half of your best friend’s ham sandwich may soon be over if
the federal government has anything to do with it.
A Richmond, Virginia mother received the following note, telling her not
to pack a lunch for her pre-school age child. (source: www.Momdot.com)
(see photo)
Dear Parents,
I have received word from Federal Programs Preschool pertaining to
lunches from home. Parents are to be informed that students can only
bring lunches from home if there is a medical condition requiring a
specific diet, along with a physicians note to that regard. 

I am sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions concerning
this matter, please contact Stephanie [redacted] the Health Coordinator
for Federal Programs Preschool at [redacted]. 

Ms. [redacted]
As a family, we have made the decision to avoid a host of ingredients
that are all found in abundance in school lunches. We don’t consume:
Artificial colors and flavors
Hormone laden meat and dairy
But this week at my daughter’s school, the offerings are:
Corn dog or chicken nuggets, tater tots
Beef tostada boat or PB and J on white bread
Pepperoni pizza or fish sticks with roll
Pretzel sticks with cheese sauce or chicken teriyaki
Cheeseburger or breaded chicken patty with seasoned fries
There is not one thing on that list that falls into our normal diet. Add
a side of rBGH-filled milk and a corn-syrup laden “fruit cup” and you
have a complete nutritional disaster.
Why should the parents be required to bear the expense of a doctor’s
visit to get the required note to be allowed to send healthful, homemade
lunches for their children?
I’m glad you asked.
It’s all about profit and control.
Because, you see, the federal government must have all the little
children on board in order to subsidize the farmers, make the rich
richer, and make the poor sicker. Throw in some Obamacare to treat the
resulting nutritionally-driven illnesses and it is a win-win situation –
at least it is if you own a food processing plant, a medical facility,
or a factory farm and you’re not the ones eating that so-called food.
Agricultural surplus is used to provide a base of food which is provided
to the schools free of charge. It is then turned into processed junk for
the public school system while the food manufacturers profit. The
National School Lunch Program, enacted in 1946, has a mission besides
just feeding hungry children: to subsidize the agricultural business by
using up beef, cheese, and pork. The school lunches are loaded with
these artery-clogging ingredients, in the most processed forms possible.
According to an article in the NY Times, here’s how it happens:
The Agriculture Department pays about $1 billion a year for commodities
like fresh apples and sweet potatoes, chickens and turkeys. Schools get
the food free; some cook it on site, but more and more pay processors to
turn these healthy ingredients into fried chicken nuggets, fruit
pastries, pizza and the like. Some $445 million worth of commodities are
sent for processing each year, a nearly 50 percent increase since 2006. 
The Agriculture Department doesn’t track spending to process the food,
but school authorities do. The Michigan Department of Education, for
example, gets free raw chicken worth $11.40 a case and sends it for
processing into nuggets at $33.45 a case. The schools in San Bernardino,
Calif., spend $14.75 to make French fries out of $5.95 worth of
The money is ill spent. The Center for Science in the Public Interest
has warned that sending food to be processed often means lower
nutritional value and noted that “many schools continue to exceed the
standards for fat, saturated fat and sodium.” A 2008 study by the Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation found that by the time many healthier
commodities reach students, “they have about the same nutritional value
as junk foods.”
Why is this allowed to happen? Part of it is that school authorities
don’t want the trouble of overseeing real kitchens. Part of it is that
the management companies are saving money by not having to pay skilled
kitchen workers. 
In addition, the management companies have a cozy relationship with food
processers, which routinely pay the companies rebates (typically around
14 percent) in return for contracts. The rebates have generally been
kept secret from schools, which are charged the full price.
So, lots of people are making money while feeding children nutritionally
bereft garbage. People who don’t know how to cook are warming up
processed junk to feed to kids who cannot afford anything better. That
free lunch isn’t so free when you consider the high percentage of kids
suffering from obesity and chronic illnesses due to their poor
nutritional intake.
Public schools serve more than 4 billion meals every year — a number
that would make many fast-food chains envious — and officials say all
those lunches are contributing to the growing health crisis among kids.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity
rates have doubled in children and tripled in adolescents since 1980,
spurring an epidemic of type II diabetes, once considered an adult-onset
condition. Obesity has also been associated with heart disease,
arthritis, and certain cancers, and researchers have found fatty streaks
in the blood vessels of children as young as 10. 

“USDA needs to relate the current crisis in kids’ health to the meals
that are being served, especially to poor kids, because that’s the
population that’s most vulnerable,” says Antonia Demas, director of the
Food Studies Institute, a child-nutrition group based in upstate New
York. Because low-income children often eat both breakfast and lunch at
school, “they get at least two-thirds of their calories from school each
day, and they’re the population really showing an increase in the
diet-related diseases.” (source)
As with anything the federal government touches, school lunches are
cloaked in do-gooder benevolence, but they are a poisoned gift that
benefits those who already have money at the expense of our society’s
most vulnerable people: poor children. As our economy continues to
decline, more kids will be forced to take these “free lunches” if they
expect to have anything to eat all day.
So, now, at least one school wants children to have a doctor’s note to
say no to the school lunch offerings of hormones, GMOs, preservatives,
and grease. They must have the permission of a professional to avoid
junk food. A parent’s good judgement is not sufficient, it seems, to
make the healthy decision to provide a toxin-free lunch. Does anyone
else see the irony here?
Kids are a target. The school system is trying to change the rules to
force us to feed our children these food-like substances and to disallow
us the right to nourish them as we see fit. By controlling the food that
our kids eat, they are controlling their entire lives, right down to
their ability to think critically, their future fertility, and their
overall lifespans.
We are lathering our skin with petrochemicals. BPA is leaching into our
food and beverages. Chemtrails and questionable farming methods are
tainting the air that we breathe…it’s enough for a book, not merely an
article. Additives like MSG and unpronounceable non-food ingredients are
killing off our brain cells and triggering the growth of cancerous cells
in our bodies. 
And the result of all of this?
Lower IQs
Shorter lifespans
If it was only one toxic assault, or maybe even two or three, you might
be able to write this off as accidental, something that just happened
due to carelessness. But with all of the evidence proving irrefutably
that the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe is
making us sick, how can we form any other conclusion than the one that
states, “This is a deliberate attack.” 
All of the alphabet agencies that are supposedly there for our
protection are merely arms of the giant propaganda machine. They are
there to convince us that “someone” would put a stop to it if these
things were actually bad for us. They are there to dispense a false
sense of confidence in our governing bodies and to make us feel as
though our health and safety is their first concern. 

Moderation is not an option. We have to fight back through strict

Think about this. 

Would you willingly feed your child just a “little bit of cyanide”?
Would you let them have a serving of strychnine “once in a while”? Would
you purposely give them a cigarette just because you “happened to be out
and that is what was offered”? Would you let them drink bleach from the
laundry room as long as it wasn’t in an amount that would be immediately
deadly and if it was diluted so that it didn’t burn their throats when
they swallowed it? 
Our politicians, government officials, and “protection” agencies are
bought and paid for. They are at best, complicit, and at worst, the ones
instituting this. (source)
A sick, fat, malnourished populace isn’t too likely to gear up for a
resistance against the powers that be when it feels like effort just to
go from the couch to the refrigerator. It’s game-on for the Great
American Genocide, and today’s target is your child.
Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic
Prepper, where this article first appeared, offers information on
healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general
wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and
Twitter, and you can email her at daisy at theorganicprepper.ca  


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