[Rushtalk] Rush Limbaugh Defends the Tea Party from RINO Attacks!

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He is a man for our time.

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Rush Limbaugh Defends Tea Party from
GOPBy Onan Coca / 25
November 2013 / 217 comments

Rush Limbaugh is standing up for our Tea Party conservatives and standing against the
establishment GOP forces who have started raising money to fight them.

Just last week we brought you the story of one of our favorite
Congressmen, Justin Amash (R-MI), who is going to be fighting for his job in a primary this year. His primary opponent is a hand-picked GOP
establishment guy, who was chosen by seven very deep pockets in Western
Michigan. His campaign has tried to smear Rep. Amash as not “a
traditional conservative,” whatever that means. They fail to mention that Justin Amash has
ranked as the most fiscally conservative and pro-economic growth member
of the House of Representatives since he was first elected in 2010 with
the conservative organization Club for Growth. He also has an 87% voting
record with the conservative Heritage
Action, by far the highest scoring representative from the state of

The long and short of it is that Justin Amash is a conservative through
and through – the problem the establishment has with him is that he votes
like a conservative, even when the “Establishment” doesn’t want him to.

He's refused to toe the party line on civil liberties issues. He's not
afraid to blast warrantless wiretapping (something many Democrats won't do) or vote present on Planned Parenthood funding, despite being

U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) even derided Amash as a "wacko bird" for backing a filibuster over using drones in
the war on terror.

The biggest problem is Amash twice voted against slash-and-burn budgets dreamt up by former vice
presidential nominee Paul Ryan, declaring that they didn't cut

That helped cost Amash his slot on the powerful House Budget Committee, with one ally of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) snarking
that the defiant congressman suffered from "the asshole

  All of this fire that the RINO’s have focused onto Tea Party
conservatives has Rush hopping mad, and he finally let the establishment have

Limbaugh took on the Republican donor class, which, he argues, "doesn't understand what we're up

"Now, the Republican establishment... is targeting Tea Party
officeholders, and they're going to primary them. And you know who's
doing this is donors, Republican Party donors... [A] set of GOP donors
set its sight on someone they perceive as having caused the government
shutdown, Michigan Congressman Justin Amash," Limbaugh noted.

"The donors are upset at the shutdown," Limbaugh said. "They don't like it. The Republican establishment did not
like the government shutdown, so that the donors say that they're going
after Amash in Michigan because he supported the shutdown, and why did he support the shutdown? To try to repeal Obamacare... 

"In the world I live in," Limbaugh said, "Justin Amash and these guys get a standing ovation. In
the world I live in, we need everybody in the House being like this. We
need some brawlers. We need some people who are not afraid to do battle
with the Democrats to save the country." 

"You know, that's what it comes down to," he explained.
"In addition to everything else going on, the Republican donor
class, the consultant class, the Republican establishment, they don't
think there's any emergency."


I love everything that Rush said there, though I take exception to one
thing. He seems to think that the GOP establishment is against the Tea
Party candidates because they think the Tea Party is causing the GOP to
lose. I don’t think that’s it. I think the reason the GOP is so anti-Tea
Party is because the Tea Party stands for principles, and the
establishment just wants power. They know that it will be easier to get
power if they moderate and support some liberal policies, but the Tea
Party won’t allow it, so the GOP establishment is trying to destroy

I am thankful that El Rushbo has taken a stand on this, but I wish that
more Republican and conservative leaders would do the same.

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