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Did You Just Celebrate 'National Genocide Day'?

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MSNBC has a new host. He’s Mia Farrow’s son, 
Ronan is a smart guy. He graduated from college 
at 15. He graduated from Yale Law School. He 
subsequently studied at Oxford University as a 
Rhodes Scholar in 2012. It seems that all his 
learning has left him bereft of an understanding 
of Thanksgiving. Tweeting to his followers, he 
“joked” that Thanksgiving is about “genocide”: 
“This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for what we 
have and also awkwardly apologize to the Native 
Americans we slaughtered to get it.”

Participating in thanksgiving has a long. 
Thanksgiving, as it was practiced by the 
colonists, was a religious celebration that 
shared the sentiments of their biblical 
forerunners, giving thanks to God for His 
faithful provision even in times of need and 
tragedy. For these devoutly religious people, 
thanksgiving would have come naturally. “Twice en 
route the passengers [aboard the Mayflower in 
1620] participated in a fast, and once (two days 
after sounding ground beneath the 
a ‘thanksgiving.’ When the sailing season ended 
with all ships accounted for, ‘we had a day of 
thanksgiving in all the 

There are numerous claims to the first 
Thanksgiving celebrated in the New World. One of 
the earliest recorded festivals occurred a half 
century before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth. 
“A small colony of French Huguenots established a 
settlement near present-day Jacksonville, 
Florida. On June 30, 1564, their leader, René de 
Laudonnière, recorded that ‘We sang a psalm of 
Thanksgiving unto God, beseeching Him that it 
would please Him to continue His accustomed 
goodness towards 

In 1610, after a hard winter called “the starving 
time,” the colonists at Jamestown called for a 
time of thanksgiving. This was after the original 
company of 409 colonists had been reduced to 60 
survivors. Extreme hardship did not deter the 
survivors from turning to God in thanksgiving. 
The colonists prayed for help that finally 
arrived by a ship filled with food and supplies 
from England. They held a 
service to give thanks.

This thanksgiving celebration was not 
commemorated formally on a yearly basis. An 
annual commemoration of thanksgiving came nine 
years later in another part of Virginia. “On 
December 4, 1619, 38 colonists landed at a place 
they called Berkeley Hundred [in Virginia]. ‘We 
read an instruction in their charter, ‘that the 
day of our ship’s arrival . . . in the land of 
Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually kept 
holy as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty 

While none of these Thanksgiving celebrations was 
an official national pronouncement (no nation 
existed at the time), they do support the claim 
that the celebrations were religious and 
specifically Christian in their origin and 
purpose. “Thanksgiving began as a holy day, 
created by a community of God-fearing Puritans 
sincere in their desire to set aside one day each 
year especially to thank the Lord for His many 
blessings. The day they chose, coming after the 
harvest at a time of year when farm work was 
light, fit the natural rhythm of rural 

On Thursday, September 24, 1789, the first House 
of Representatives voted to recommend the First 
Amendment of the newly drafted Constitution to 
the states for ratification. The next day, 
Congressman Elias Boudinot from New Jersey 
proposed that the House and Senate jointly 
request of President Washington to proclaim a day 
of thanksgiving for “the many signal favors of 
Almighty God.” Boudinot said that he “could not 
think of letting the session pass over without 
offering an opportunity to all the citizens of 
the United States of joining, with one voice, in 
returning to Almighty God their sincere thanks 
for the many blessings he had poured down upon 

Roger Sherman spoke in favor of the proposal by 
reminding his colleagues that the practice of 
thanksgiving is “warranted by a number of 
precedents in holy writ: for instance, the solemn 
thanksgivings and rejoicings which took place in 
the time of Solomon, after the building of the 
temple. . . . This example, he thought, worthy of 
Christian imitation on the present 

The erosion of the original intent of 
Thanksgiving as it was practiced by the colonists 
and sanctioned by presidents and Congress can 
best be illustrated by the way some textbooks 
handle the subject. One elementary school social 
studies book has thirty pages of material “on the 
Pilgrims, including the first Thanksgiving. But 
there is not one word (or image) that referred to 
religion as even a part of the Pilgrims’ life. 
One mother whose son is in a class using this 
book wrote . . . that he came home and told her 
that ‘Thanksgiving was when the Pilgrims gave 
thanks to the Indians.’ The mother called the 
principal of this suburban New York City school 
to point out that Thanksgiving was when the 
Pilgrims thanked God. The principal responded by 
saying ‘that was her opinion’ ­ the schools could 
only teach what was in the 

There is no doubt that these early Christian 
settlers thanked the Indians for their generosity 
in supplying venison to supplement the Pilgrims’ 
meager Thanksgiving rations of parsnips, carrots, 
turnips, onions, radishes, and beets from their 
household gardens. As the historical record 
shows, however, thanksgiving was ultimately made 
to the God of the Bible. “Governor Bradford, with 
one eye on divine Providence, proclaimed a day of 
thanksgiving to God, and with the other eye on 
the local political situation, extended an 
invitation to neighboring Indians to share in the 
harvest feast. . . . This ‘first Thanksgiving’ 
was a feast called to suit the needs of the hour, 
which were to celebrate the harvest, thank the 
Lord for His goodness, and regale and impress the 

Early celebrations of thanksgiving were 
expressions of deep gratitude to God for life 
itself. Many who partook of the bounty from God’s 
creation set before them were thankful just to be alive.


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    * Mia Farrow is the daughter of actress 
Maureen O’Sullivan who played Jane to Johnny 
Weissmuller’s Tarzan. Mia Farrow was married to 
Frank Sinatra and filmmaker Woody Allen with whom 
she had a bizarre marital relationship. Some have 
suspected that Ronan is actually the son of Frank 
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