[Rushtalk] Obama Even Fakes His Own Hecklers!

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Fri Nov 29 19:57:05 MST 2013

Obama Stacks Audiences with Hecklers

Posted on 
27, 2013

<http://patriotdepot.com/anti-obama-shirts/>Obama has to cheat even 
at getting heckled.
Check it out:

The Health Care Stack just keeps growing and growing and growing. The 
Obama poll numbers continue to plummet, and now Wolf Blitzer is 
officially concerned at CNN, finally addressed the poll numbers. 
Obama is now stacking his personal appearances with hecklers. A lot 
of people are making a big 
about the heckler in San Francisco at Obama's immigration rally or 
appearance. Somebody wrote the script for the heckler, and it allowed 
Obama to portray the Limbaugh Theorem, "Yeah, I agree with you, I'm 
trying to fix it. I'm working with Congress, but, you know, I just 
can't make law any time I want to."

Well, what's stopping you all of a sudden? You've been making law 
ever since you became 
<http://patriotdepot.com/anti-obama-shirts/>president. The 
Care Stack includes a new discovery that the unions have been 
exempted from a bunch of 
fees. It just keeps adding up. I mean, no matter what it just keeps piling on.

Reading on www.rushlimbaugh.com ...

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