[Rushtalk] Can you guess the most corrupt agency in Washington?

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Fri Aug 1 19:15:21 MDT 2014

The IRS?  Possibly.

But the Export-Import Bank is giving the tax collectors a run for 
their money.  Just this week a House Oversight Committee hearing 
revealed that there are currently 40 investigations of alleged fraud 
at the Ex-Im Bank. That hearing chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan (elected 
with Club member support in 2006) is the latest evidence that the 
Bank's charter needs to expire.

This almost anonymous agency has been handing out subsidies to 
politically-connected corporations for decades.  And yet both 
Democrats and Republicans have continued to rubber-stamp its 
reauthorization every time.

But the Club has been leading the charge against the Ex-Im Bank.  And 
while we haven't defeated it yet we are making serious progress.

If Congress does nothing - that's right nothing - the Bank will 
expire at the end of September. And if that happens it will be a huge 
victory for economic freedom and limited government.

You see we believe that the government has two options when it comes 
to competing in the global economy: it can pick winners and losers by 
handing out subsidies through easily corruptible organisms like the 
Export-Import Bank or it can pass pro-growth tax reform that will 
ignite the economy and fuel innovation.

The Washington Post recently reported 
that. What began as a pet issue for a handful of conservatives is now 
turning the GOP on its head. And the Post and others have given the 
Club for Growth the lion's share of credit in moving the ball down 
the field when it comes to the debate policy-makers in Washington are having.

Instead of asking whether Government can create economic growth 
politicians in Washington are starting to recognize that government 
is simply an impediment to growth.

Putting pressure on lawmakers to pass pro-growth policies is the sole 
purpose of the Club for Growth. That's why we're:
* Fighting to keep anti-growth market distortions and credits out of 
the tax code: We praised a proposal for comprehensive tax reform by 
Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and we've been 
pushing for Congress to end temporary tax credits that are often used 
as accounting gimmicks to spend more money.  Eliminating these 
special breaks will also put further pressure on lawmakers to pass 
pro-growth reform.

* Pushing to end bailouts of the Highway Trust Fund: Over the past 
several days we opposed a plan to bail out the Highway Trust fund to 
the tune of billions of dollars with a budgetary gimmick known as 
pension smoothing. The pressure to conduct business as usual is so 
strong that we will likely lose this battle but we did help force the 
Senate to vote on an amendment by Senator Mike Lee (elected with Club 
member support in 2010) that would largely end the federal gas tax 
and return most transportation authority back to the states. Click 
session vote) to see how your Senator voted.

* Keeping an eye out for a Lame Duck session of Congress: The most 
dangerous time for economic liberty and pro-growth policy in Congress 
is the period between Election Day in November and the day in January 
when a new Congress is sworn in. That is because many members have 
chosen to retire or have been defeated in their bid for re-election 
so they often have little incentive to do anything but give an assist 
to party leadership. Not only that but this period takes place during 
the holidays when few Americans are paying attention to politics. In 
the lame duck two years ago Congress passed a massive tax increase on 
80% of Americans to avert the so-called fiscal cliff and at the same 
time extended many of the same special interest tax deductions and 
loopholes that are harming our economy. We're working with other 
conservatives to try and avoid a Lame Duck altogether but powerful 
interests are looking at it as a place to reauthorize the 
Export-Import Bank among other things.

The Club for Growth makes it our business to keep tabs on lawmakers 
and hold them accountable for their records not their rhetoric.

Best regards
Chris Chocola
President Club for Growth


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