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The Most Deceptive Word In The English Language

August 4, 2014 by 
<http://personalliberty.com/author/boblivingstonpl/>Bob Livingston
The Most Deceptive Word In The English Language


This is a political and subversive word created 
and promoted by the establishment as a major key 
to formulate and channel the public mind. It has 
more than saturated the public conscience. Very 
“intellectual” people spout this word assuming 
that it means human freedom and liberty.

The truth and purpose of this word is for a cover 
and disguise for fascism and socialism. This word 
is the workhorse of the American propaganda 
ministry.Every person is taught this word, from 
politicians to school children. The government 
indoctrination centers (also known as schools) 
and the corporate media use it religiously. 
Politicians love its sound. It is one of 
President Barack Obama’s favorite words.

It was an important word to Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

What is this word? It’s “Democracy.”

Let’s play a little game. See how many times you 
hear this word in a day from the elites, from the 
media and from your friends. Six; a dozen, 20 or more?

The U.S. was founded as a Republic. When asked 
what type of government they had created, 
Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you 
can keep it.” We could not. Our republic has been transformed into a democracy.

Democracy is an esoteric belief system that 
manipulates the people in such a way that all 
power flows to the state. As with pure 
dictatorships, power flows from the top down.

Democracy implies freedom in the public’s mind 
while power and wealth is constantly channeled to 
the Federal government. Human liberty is 
regressively crushed under the one simple word, “democracy.”

Democracy is a political word that is embraced by 
all political parties and all politicians under 
many labels in every country of the modern world. 
It is a cover and a facade for communism, 
socialism, fascism, for class warfare, for the 
exploitation and manipulation of minorities 
against stability, cultural heritage and private 
property. (By the way; communism, socialism and 
fascism are all equal. Don’t be fooled by claims 
that one is a right wing and another is a left 
wing philosophy. They all transfer power to the 
state. The difference is simply semantics.)

When politicians utter the word democracy, they 
are using a code word that signifies their total 
allegiance to the state. They are using mass 
hypnosis to manipulate the people against human liberty.

Democracy is that universal mystery that is loved 
by all and opposed by none. It implies everything 
good to everyone and every religion. It is the 
mantle (mantra) of the New World Order. It is the 
apex of adoration for the state, universalism, 
One Worldism and materialism. It is Satanism posing as an angel of light.

Anyone seeking human liberty, privacy and private 
property under the mental deception of democracy 
is under the greatest illusion. Let us purge our 
minds of this seductive appeal, this spiritual 
despotism. It has stolen our conscience, our soul 
and our honor. It is our legacy to future 
generations to whom we are passing on our 
slavery. Shame could have no greater victory.

Democracy is a faith, a state religion, a state 
of mind. It is the progressive destruction of the 
person ­ the individual. It is covered and masked 
with benevolence, philanthropy and brotherhood. 
Democracy is the opposite of the common belief. 
It is “democratic” tyranny, a camouflage for 
despotism. Its goal is nothing less than universal slavery.

Democracy is the polish, the refinement and the 
finished perfection of all the tyranny and 
despotism of history. It is the culmination of 
that perfect slave state where men and women give 
their minds, spirits, production and children 
over to the state. We are reduced to automatons 
and commercial units. We are government statistics.

The word democracy is a very important word in 
psychological warfare of government against the 
people. Democracy as a concept of freedom has 
evolved over many decades. It is a design word to 
impress upon the people an imagination that they 
are free. It has worked unbelievably well!

If the people imagine that they are free, all 
sorts of crimes by the political system can be 
imposed, without protest, upon the people. It is an invisible armed guard.

Mental democracy is a psychological weapon of the 
state that motivates the people to obey the 
system and to love the state. As George Orwell 
wrote in his book, 1984, the people come to love Big Brother (the state).

If we focus on this word democracy as an 
organism, we can tie the visible to the invisible 
and thus reveal the subterfuge. Democracy is an 
organism used to pacify the people. And what is 
an organism? An organism is a repetitive dogma 
that neutralizes the mind. Its purpose is to 
integrate the freedom concept of democracy into the American psyche.

It is not formal. It has no overt organization. 
It may function legally or illegally within the 
law or above the law. It is never identified as 
to its true name and purpose. It has no ethnic, 
social or legal connotation. It is powerful psychological warfare.

With this invisible organism, the American state 
has imposed all 10 planks of the Communist 
Manifesto without protest and beyond the 
awareness of the American people who imagine that they are free.

Following are the 10 planks of communism. They 
show that America is more a communistic than republican in form of government.
    * Abolition of property in land and 
application of all rents of land to public 
purposes. (Private property rights are almost 
nonexistent today. You don’t own your property if 
it can be confiscated for non-payment of tribute 
to the king, or if a government agency  like the 
EPA or the USDA can arbitrarily tell you what you can and can’t do with it.)
    * A heavy progressive or graduated income 
tax. (Accomplished via the American tax system. 
Enforced via the Gestapo-like Internal Revenue Service.)
    * Abolition of all rights of inheritance. 
(Accomplished via the estate tax.)
    * Confiscation of the property of all 
emigrants and rebels. (Accomplished via rendition 
and drug laws allowing law enforcement to 
confiscate property if it is suspected of being 
used in the trade or manufacture of drugs ­ often 
without evidence – or to satisfy debts and fines 
imposed by alphabet soup agencies.)
    * Centralization of credit in the hands of 
the state, by means of a national bank with state 
capital and an exclusive monopoly. (Accomplished 
via the Federal Reserve, which is not Federal and doesn’t hold “reserves.”)
    * Centralization of the means of 
communication and transport in the hands of the 
state. (Accomplished via the Federal 
Communications Commission and the regulated 
airline industry, Amtrak, public transportation 
and the regulated auto industry. Further attempts 
being made to seize more power through control of the Internet.)
    * Extension of factories and instruments of 
production owned by the state; the bringing into 
cultivation of wastelands and the improvement of 
the soil, generally in accordance with a common 
plan. (Accomplished through price controls on the 
utilities via their government-supported 
monopolies and subsidies for favored industries.)
    * Equal liability of all to work. 
Establishment of industrial armies, especially 
for agriculture. (Industrial armies accomplished 
through regulations favoring/subsidizing unions.)
    * Combination of agriculture with 
manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of 
all the distinction between town and country by a 
more equable distribution of the populace over 
the country. (In progress via Agenda 21, 
“sustainable development” communities, etc.)
    * Free education for all children in public 
schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in 
its present form. Combination of education with 
industrial production. (Accomplished via the 
public indoctrination system called public 
education under the control of the Federal government.)

These planks are supported by both major political parties.
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