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Climate Catastrophe Cancelled! Geologist Debunks 
NOAA Climate Report Point-By-Point

Morano - <http://www.climatedepot.com>Climate 
DepotJuly 18, 2014 3:45 PM with 

Exclusive to Climate Depot


Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook, professor emeritus 
of geology at Western Washington University and 
author of 150 scientific journal articles and 10 
books, including 
Based Climate Science,” issued a point-by-point 
rebuttal to the new NOAA climate report and the media articles surrounding it.

Science: ‘Climate Records Shattered in 2013’ – By 
Becky Oskin, Senior Writer | LiveScience.com – 
July 18, 2014 - “The climate is changing more 
rapidly in today’s world than at any time in 
modern civilization,” said Thomas Karl, director 
of NOAA. (NOAA State Of The Climate In 2013: ‘Our 
Planet Is Becoming A Warmer Place’)

Climate Claim: “The planet ranged well outside of 
normal levels in 2013, hitting new records for greenhouse gases.”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “NOT TRUE–CO2 levels for 
the past 500 million years were consistently 
greater than 3,000 ppm. 400ppm is abnormally low.

[Climate Depot Related Links: 
at 400ppm: 'Scientists note that geologically 
speaking, the Earth is currently in a 
famine' and that the geologic record reveals that 
ages have occurred when CO2 was at 2000 ppm to as 
high as 8000 ppm. In addition, peer-reviewed 
studies have documented that there have been 
temperatures similar to the present day on Earth 
dioxide was up to twenty times higher than 
today’s levels' - And, a 
study this year found that the present day carbon 
dioxide level of 400 ppm was exceeded ­ without 
any human influence ­ 12,750 years ago when CO2 
may have reached up to 425 ppm.]


Climate Claim: “The levels of carbon dioxide in 
Earth’s atmosphere at Mauna Loa Observatory in 
Hawaii hit 400 parts per million (ppm) for the 
first time in 2013. The worldwide average reached 
395.3 ppm, a 2.8 ppm increase from 2012, NOAA 
reports. (Parts per million denotes the volume of 
a gas in the air; in this case, for every 1 
million air molecules, 400 are carbon dioxide.)”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “The CO2 composition of 
the atmosphere changed by only 0.004% since the 
onset of recent global warming (1978-2000).”


Climate Claim: “The major greenhouse gases all 
reached new record high values in 2013,” said 
Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist with ERT, 
Inc., and a NOAA contractor who helped write the report.

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “So what? If you double 
nothing (0.004%), you still have nothing!”


Climate Claim: “Rising sea levels. Sea level 
continued rising: Boosted by warm Pacific Ocean 
temperatures (which causes water to expand) and 
melting ice sheets, sea level rose 0.15 inches 
(3.8 millimeters), on par with the long-term 
trend of 0.13 inches (3.2 mm) per year over the past 20 years.”

Dr. Easterbrook: “NOT TRUE–rates of sea level 
rise have declined slightly and are about 1.7 
mmyr. Sea level has been rising at a relatively 
constant rate of only ~7 inches per 
century–that’s 3 1/2 inches in the next 50 years.

Related Links: 
paper finds global sea level rise has decelerated 
31% since 2002 along with the ‘pause’ of global 
warming – Published in Nature Climate Change

NOAA mean sea level trend data through 2013 
confirms lack of sea level rise acceleration

paper finds sea level rise has decelerated 44% 
since 2004 to only 7 inches per century – 
Published in Global and Planetary Change

sea level rise from tide gauges (1.6 mm/year) is 
half of that claimed from satellites (3.2 
mm/year). Which is right? – ‘There is no 
acceleration of the increase’ – [Climate Depot 
Note: According to tide gauges, Sea Level is 
rising LESS than the thickness of one nickel 
(1.95 mm thick) per year or about the thickness 
of one penny (1.52 mm thick) a year. According to 
satellite info it is rising slightly more than two pennies a year (3.04 mm)]

study finds sea levels rising only 7 in. per century – with no acceleration


Climate Claim: “The climate is changing more 
rapidly in today’s world than at any time in modern civilization,”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: NOT TRUE–Except for the 
Little Ice Age, all of the past 10,000 years has 
been 2.5 to 5.5 F warmer than today including 
much more intense periods of warming. It was 
warmer and climate changed more rapidly than in 
recent years during the Medieval Warm Period, as 
well as during half a dozen other warm periods.

Paper: Roman & Medieval Warm Periods Were Warmer 
Than Previously Thought - ‘A paper published in 
Nature Climate Change finds prior temperature 
reconstructions from tree-rings ‘may 
underestimate pre-instrumental [pre-1850] 
temperatures including warmth during Medieval and 
Roman times.’ Many reconstructions show 
temperatures during the Medieval and Roman 
periods were warmer than the present, and this 
study suggests they were even warmer than previously thought’

than 700 scientists from 400 institutions in 40 
countries have contributed peer-reviewed papers 
providing evidence that the Medieval Warm Period 
was real, global, & warmer than the present’


Climate Claim: “Most parts of the planet 
experienced above-average annual temperatures in 
2013, NOAA officials said. Australia experienced 
its warmest year on record, while Argentina had 
its second warmest and New Zealand its third warmest.”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “But only by massive tampering with temp records.”

Related Links: 
Temperature Standstill Lengthens: No global 
warming for 17 years 10 months – Since Sept. 1996 (214 months)


Climate Claim: “There was a new high-temperature 
record set at the South Pole, of minus 53 degrees 
Fahrenheit (minus 47 degrees Celsius).”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: – 53 degrees F? “That 
must have caused a lot of ‘melting’!”

Climate Claim: “Antarctic sea ice hit another 
record high: On October 1, Antarctic sea ice 
covered 7.56 million square miles (19.5 million 
square kilometers). This beats the old record set 
in 2012 by 0.7 percent. However, even though the 
Antarctic sea ice is growing, the continent’s 
land-based glaciers continued to melt and shrink.”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “NOT TRUE–total 
Antarctic ice is increasing.  There is NO melting 
of the East Antarctic ice sheet which contains more than 90% of Antarctic ice.”

Related links: 
All Time Record High Temp Set in 1913 ­ Earth’s 
All Time Record Low Set in 2010 & 2nd All Time 
Record Low Set in 2013 ­ ‘What would warmists say if the dates were reversed?’

paper finds East Antarctic ice sheet will have 
negative contribution to sea levels over next 200 
years – Published The Cryosphere – Paper ‘studies 
one of the largest ice shelves in East Antarctica 
and predicts increased accumulation of ice on the 
surface of the ice shelf will have a net 
contribution of decreasing sea levels over the 21st and 22nd centuries.

New Study finds West Antarctic Ice Sheet outlet 
glacier being melted by magma – not co2 global 
warming after all – Published in the Proceedings 
of the National Academy of Sciences

alarmists make major blunder in reporting 
Antarctica ice loss results: ‘Total ice loss from 
latest study is ‘consistent’ with, not ‘double’ prior study measurements’


Climate Claim: “Arctic sea ice low: The Arctic 
sea ice extent was the sixth lowest since 
satellite observations began in 1979. The sea ice 
extent is declining by about 14 percent per decade.”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “Not this past year–it is rebounding.”


Climate Claim: “Arctic heat, Temperatures over 
land are rising faster in the Arctic than in 
other regions of the planet. Fairbanks, Alaska, 
had a record 36 days with temperatures at 80 
degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) or 
warmer. However, Greenland had a cooler than average summer.”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “NOT TRUE–the 1920s and 
1930s were warmer in the Arctic than now. This 
can be claimed only by tampering with past records.”


Climate Claim: “Melting permafrost: For the 
second year in a row, record high temperatures 
were measured in permafrost on the North Slope of 
Alaska and in the Brooks Range.”

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “A weather condition 
brought about by recent shift in the jet stream 
that produced record-breaking cold in the US.”

Related Links: 
Dispatch Dec. 2012: ‘In the first decade since 
2000, the 49th state (Alaska) cooled 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit’

paper finds 4 Alaskan glaciers are about the same 
size as during the Medieval Warm Period

Villages Have Been Sinking Into Permafrost For 70 Years

Dr. Judith Curry: Arctic surface temperature 
anomalies in the 1930’s were as large as the recent temperature anomalies.’

‘sea ice extent has varied naturally over the 
decades with some Russian data suggesting similar 
or even greater ice loss in some local areas in 
the 1930s’ – Analysis of Arctic ice: ‘Russian 
data shows that the [Arctic] ice was just as thin 
in 1940 as it is now. Models did not predict the 
record amount of Antarctic sea ice’

Study Countered: ‘Studies have found that Arctic 
temperatures have fluctuated, and are now around 
the same level as they were in the mid-1930s’ – 
‘Scientist Igor Polyakov of the International 
Arctic Research Center at the U. of Alaska, 
Fairbanks tracked Arctic temp records from latter 
part of 19th century until current decade, and 
found that 1930s marked the warmest time during that period’


Climate Claim: “Extreme weather: Deadly Super 
Typhoon Haiyan had the highest wind speed ever 
recorded for a tropical cyclone, with one-minute 
sustained winds reaching 196 mph (315 km/h). 
Flooding in central Europe caused billions of 
dollars in damage and killed 24 people.

Dr. Easterbrook comment: “This is weather, not climate!”

Related Links: 
Climate Summit Rejects Its Own Science – Links 
Typhoon Haiyan to Global Warming – UN Summit 
Degenerates Into Unscientific Claims to Advance 
Political Agenda – Climate Depot Special Report

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue demolishes claims 
that Typhoon Haiyan was ‘strongest storm ever’ – 
‘Fact: Haiyan is 58th Super Typhoon since 1950 to 
reach central pressure of 900 mb or lower from 
historical records’ ­ Maue: ’50 of 58 Super 
Typhoons with pressure of 900 mb or lower 
occurred from 1950-1987 ­ only 8 in past 25 years’

Strongest storm ever? ‘Haiyan ranks at number 7 
among the strongest storms ever to have hit the Philippines’

Extreme Weather: “It is misleading and just plain 
incorrect to claim that disasters associated with 
hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have 
increased on climate timescales either in the 
United States or globally,” Professor Roger 
Pielke Jr. said in his testimony before the 
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Hurricanes: ‘Hurricanes have not increased in 
frequency, intensity or normalized damage in the U.S. since 1900.

Tornadoes: Tornadoes and tropical cyclones have 
also not become more intense or frequent since 1950 and 1970, respectfully.

Floods & Droughts: U.S. floods have not increased 
in frequency or intensity since 1950, according 
to Professor Roger Pielke Jr., and droughts have 
become shorter, less frequent, and smaller over 
the last century. Globally, floods have changed 
very little in the last 60 years.


Claim: “The ocean surface continues to warm.”

Four independent datasets show that for surface 
ocean temperatures, last year was among the 10 
warmest years on record. The North Pacific set a new record.

Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball comment: “The data 
prior to the satellite data is extremely 
questionable. For example, there is the 
difference in results by water temperatures taken 
by dipping, leather, wooden and metal buckets. 
Even the first couple of years of the satellite 
data was problematic as they got results that 
were some times 6°C warmer than ocean 
“ground-truthing” results.  As I recall the major 
problem was in estimating the effect of 
particulates in the atmosphere. There was also an 
issue with the effects of measuring the surface 
molecular layer from which molecules are 
constantly escaping in the evaporative cooling 
process. Then there is question of how much SST 
data is available through cloud cover?

So, at best we can consider satellite data from 
1970. As Don Easterbrook and others note, hardly 
a significant length in temperatures that can 
cycle over hundreds and even thousands of years, 
caused by either solar input changes or 
circulations within the oceans. Somebody once 
said economists are trying to predict the tide by 
measuring one wave. Climate scientists are much 
worse. Despite all this it is the headline from 
NOOA’s Karl that will dominate the news and remain in the public mind.”

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer comments: “2014 is 
not quite as warm as the last time we were 
ramping into El Nino conditions (2009):

Satellite microwave SST anomalies (global) since mid-2002, upda

Satellite microwave SST anomalies (global) since 
mid-2002, updated through mid-July 2014.


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