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Liberal Lies about the Constitution

Dowling / 19 August 2014 / 
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“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

­Leviticus 25:10

Constitution Club

I have been a public school teacher for 25 years 
and have witnessed the conversion of our schools 
from education institutions to indoctrination 
centers.  Many history teachers, these days, 
depict our Founders as “dead, racist white guys” 
who are unworthy of respect.  The Constitution is 
taught, inaccurately, as a bigoted, sexist, and 
anti-gay document.  So I formed a Constitution 
Club at my school to dispel the lies and 
misrepresentations that the disciples of Howard 
Zinn­the foremost left-wing history revisionist­are daily feeding our students.

I had to overcome objections from three campus 
groups, in order to get students to come: Blacks, 
women, and gays.  Their objections, considering 
what they are being fed by Common-Core 
enthusiasts, are understandable.  But their 
objections are easily overcome by the teaching of 
accurate, historical facts about our founding 
documents and our Founding Fathers.

African-Americans: On the Three-Fifths, Anti-Slavery Clause

Article One, Section Two, of the Constitution 
contains a clause known as the 3/5 Clause, or the 
Anti-Slavery Clause.  It reads as follows: 
“Representatives and direct Taxes shall be 
apportioned among the several States which may be 
included within this Union, according to their 
respective Numbers, which shall be determined by 
adding to the whole Number of free Persons, 
including those bound to Service for a Term of 
Years [Indentured Servants], and excluding 
Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons [Slaves].”

The reason this clause exists is to encourage 
slave states to free slaves by making their 
representation in the House of Representatives 
increase upon actually freeing them.  Any 
teaching that the Founders thought of Blacks as 3/5 a person is false.

It should also be pointed out that there is no 
mention of race in this clause.  The Constitution 
is color-blind with respect to race.  In fact, 
more than 20% of slaveholders in the South, at 
the time of the American Civil War, were 
African-American freemen.  And abolitionists, 
such as Frederick Douglass, wanted the 
Constitution applied to Blacks; nobody was in 
favor of abandoning the Constitution.

Women: On Equal Suffrage

Article One, Section Four, Clause One, of the 
Constitution reads as follows: “The Times, Places 
and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and 
Representatives, shall be prescribed in each 
State by the Legislature thereof. . . .”  And 
Article Four, Section Two, Clause One, reads 
thus: “The Citizens of each State shall be 
entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of 
Citizens in the several States.”  There is 
actually nothing in the gender-neutral language 
of the Constitution that states that women cannot 
vote.  All voting-eligibility rules are left to the states to decide.

By the time the Nineteenth Amendment was 
ratified, in August of 1920, twenty-seven states 
already allowed women to vote in presidential 
elections.  The Nineteenth Amendment sped up the 
process of giving this right to all women; but 
the point being made here is that the 
Constitution itself was indeed written to be 
gender-neutral.  This is why women in some states 
were able to gain voting rights prior to 1920.

The Nineteenth Amendment reads like this: 
“Section 1.  The right of the citizens of the 
United States to vote shall not be denied or 
abridged by the United States or by any State on 
account of sex.  Section 2.  Congress shall have 
power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

A brief note on gender neutrality in the 
Constitution: the pronouns “he” and “him” are 
gender-neutral pronouns when they refer to 
persons of unknown gender or when the gender of 
persons referred to is not meant to be 
specified.  There was no other grammatical 
convention in use in the day of the 
Founders.  The same convention exists today in 
modern languages, such as Spanish or 
French.  Bilingual students comprehend this convention with ease.

On Washington’s Tolerance of Homosexuality

Our Founders lived in the era called the 
Enlightenment, and the value of tolerance was 
held in high esteem.  General George Washington, 
during the American Revolutionary War, employed 
the services of a Prussian military officer by 
the name of Friedrich von Steuben (pronounced 
“fohn Shtoyben”).  Washington hired him to train 
his soldiers in his superior Prussian methods, to 
instill new confidence into the rag-tag 
outfit.  He also had him write the first military 
training manual for our armed forces.

Baron von Steuben had been discharged from the 
Prussian military due to his “affections for 
members of his own sex,” despite his reputation 
as a military genius.  Fleeing imprisonment, he 
ended up in France interviewing, with American 
ambassador Benjamin Franklin, for a job in 
Washington’s army.  Dr. Franklin decided his 
military expertise trumped any consideration of 
the homosexual issue and that tolerance was called for.

Washington valued von Steuben as a friend and 
associate and never spoke with indiscretion of 
von Steuben’s personal affairs, nor did he write 
about them in any official or private documents 
or letters.  George Washington, the Father of Our 
Country­through his tolerance and encouragement 
of an outcast military genius­made Friedrich von 
Steuben, a gay man, the Father of Our Country’s Armed Forces.

Our Ever-Unfolding Promissory Note

Whatever their shortcomings, our Founders 
understood they were not perfect.  They knew, 
however, that even an imperfect freedom would 
provide America with the opportunity for a great 
and unending experiment.  The blueprint for this 
experiment in individual liberty, that they wrote 
into the US Constitution, would provide its 
inheritors with an ever-unfolding promissory note 
for the sustenance and enlargement of life, 
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness throughout the ages.

The Constitution our Founders bestowed upon us is 
written in a neutral style, without specific 
references to race or gender.  President Reagan 
referred to the republic our Constitution 
established as our “shining city on a hill” as 
well as the “last best hope for man on 
earth.”  Indeed, if we want those words to remain 
true, that promissory note must be jealously protected.

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