[Rushtalk] Romney Shows His Hand

Bernard L Willis f16rsdad at juno.com
Fri Aug 22 22:44:39 MDT 2014

Sad, but I think Dennis is right.  Hope I'm wrong.


On Fri, 22 Aug 2014 19:55:31 -0400 Dennis Putnam <dap1 at bellsouth.net>
You are all missing it. It would not matter what Romney did or said
unless he promised more free stuff than Obama. As I've said many times,
this country has turned the corner to dependence. Those getting free
stuff will out vote the rest of us until the country totally collapses
economically and then it will be too late for all of us. We are at a
tipping point this November. If low information voters stay home then we
have a chance to get congress to slow down the slide (we will never have
enough cajones in congress to reverse it) but if they turn out like 2013
then the end is eminent. Slavery will follow and the cycle will start
again. Cry for your children and grandchildren.

On 8/22/2014 6:20 PM, Steven Laib wrote:

A large part of the problem is that Romney, like a lot of other people,
could never imagine that an anti-American person would ever be allowed to
get this far, let alone, be elected.  

Stupidity is becoming infectious these days.  


On 8/22/14 12:55 PM, Tom Matiska wrote:

Mitt's words are spot on.  First sentence of second paragraph should not
be about Mitt, but should ask how the Paulbots couldn't see how bad Obama
was going to be.  I understand the Paulbots had their feelings hurt when
he lost the primaries in convincing style. but there is no rationale to
explain people who would rather see the country fail under Obama than
prosper under Mitt.  Tom 

On Friday, August 22, 2014 11:11 AM, Carl William Spitzer IV
<cwsiv at copper.net> wrote:

For all the fools who choose a RINO over Conservative Ron Paul you would
be no better off than under an honest enemy we have in ObombA except you
would be defending him and excusing liberalism in the GOP.

Romney Shows His Hand

    * Posted by Jeff Dover on August 20, 2014

Mitt Romney’s recent assertion that Obama is “worse than even I had
imagined” tells us much about who Romney is and how he would have viewed
the presidency.  His statement clearly conveys that, if he wasn't
previously sympathetic to Obama, at least he didn’t think that Obama was
really that bad.

How is it that a man, nominated by the Republican Party to oppose Obama
in a presidential election, could fail to understand how bad Obama
really was?  Obama’s known associations with and affinity for people
such as  “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, ACORN or William Ayers should have
been enough of a tipoff for anyone to summarily reject such a person for
the office.  But then there was Obama’s Fast and Furious operation, run
against the citizens of his own country, which resulted in the death of
one of his Border Patrol agents.  If that wasn’t enough, he squandered
$500 million dollars on a solar firm that was barely breathing when it
received the funds.  Predictably, when the funds were exhausted, so was
Solyndra, which promptly went out of business.

But then, reportedly, Romney’s son told the press that his father didn’t
even want the office.  His campaign reflected both his lack of
enthusiasm and his lack of fundamental disagreement with Obama.  He
couldn’t seem to come out swinging against the guy.  Was that because
Obama’s triumph from passage of the Obamacare legislation was in league
with Romney’s thinking?  After all, as a big money guy, Romney had to
love the “welfare” that was thrown to many of the country’s largest
insurance companies as a result of the act, and of course, Romney had
ushered in state-run healthcare insurance when he sat in the
Massachusetts governor’s office.

His statement makes it plain that Romney was never the right guy for the
office of President and we conservatives knew that.  The RINOs running
the Republican Party, however, didn’t care what their base thought.
Romney was of and by the GOP Establishment.  He was one of them, and as
it certainly appears to anyone paying attention, the GOP Establishment,
like Romney, doesn’t really care if a Republican or a Democrat wins the
office.  They only worry that a conservative will win the office and
begin the upset of Washington that the United States so desperately


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Permalink Reply by Sunny 12 hours ago

    Please God, let that upset happen!!!


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Permalink Reply by Jo Gonzalez 11 hours ago

    Romney lacked "the fire in his belly".    He refused to really go
at Obama, use the tools provided.      The evidence was there, but he
played the game with no passion, no spirit.    Simply not firm in his
convictions.      We need a Passionate, America-loving Christian in
this Office, and someone, with some brains and couurage, for a change.


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Permalink Reply by Sunny 11 hours ago

    So true Jo.  Romney didn't have passion or spirit because he is
O-lite.  No fire at all.  A schumuk actually.  We need exactly what you
described.  Wonder if we will ever see that day come.  The demon-rats
have the voting machines rigged from the last two elections - what's to
change that now? 


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Permalink Reply by Donald Mack Flippin 11 hours ago

    Jeff, old buddy,

    You're right on the money again.  Honestly, can you see Ted Cruz

    footing with this communist shuck and jive artist (Obama) in a

    But . . . the GOP establishment had to run a 'nice guy'.

    Well, nice guys don't lose; they just come in second place!

    And, unfortunately, we didn't lose in Vietnam, but . . . right!
Because of

    the traitors in Washington, D.C., we came in second place.

    Semper Fi!


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Permalink Reply by Paul R. Bedard 2 hours ago

    Just like Romney, we do NOT go to war to win anymore! We are the
most powerful country in the world and third world countries with ragtag
armies beat us after fighting them for over ten years! They have no
naval or air force, live in caves and tunnels, ride horses and donkeys
and they beat our asses! Since the Korean war, we never went to war to
win! If we wanted to, we could have won Vietnam, Afganastan and the Iraq
wars in less than 6 months! The military industrial complex and the
politicians/lobbyists in Washington, D.C. run the wars! It's all about
keeping the wars going to make billions of dollars off the dead body's
of our men and women! In Vietnam, 58,000 men and women lost their lives
for nothing! Not to mention the hundreds of thousands that came back
injured! Over 1 million Vietnamese men, women and children were in the
wrong place at the wrong time and were murdered! Notice how few
politicians had their children fighting in Vietnam! They could afford to
send their kids to college and then they'd be exempted from the draft;
the law they created to protect their children! So the poor black and
white kids who couldn't afford college were put on the battlefield to be


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