[Rushtalk] Romney Shows His Hand

Carl Spitzer lynux at keepandbeararms.com
Sat Aug 30 14:54:11 MDT 2014

On Fri, 2014-08-22 at 10:55 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:
> Mitt's words are spot on.  First sentence of second paragraph should
> not be about Mitt, but should ask how the Paulbots couldn't see how
> bad Obama was going to be.  I understand the Paulbots had their
> feelings hurt when he lost the primaries in convincing style. but
> there is no rationale to explain people who would rather see the
> country fail under Obama than prosper under Mitt.  Tom 

Since Reagan we have nothing but democrats and democrat lite.  Not until
Ron Paul who was the only man since Reagan who is worthy of the office.
This government is going to fall that is certain to the prophecy of
Alexis De Tocqueville once these two democrat factions create a flip in
the numbers of productive vs indolent.  Once that happens the productive
will take up arms to protect themselves and the government will fall.
its the rebirth these two democrat factions have chosen to take.  Ron
Paul was the last hope to avoid this judgment of history and of GOD upon
this guilty nation.  I hope the RINO on this list enjoy war because it
will desend upon you like that meteor upon the dinosaurs.

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