[Rushtalk] Cops To Collect Traffic Fines On the Spot Via Credit or Debit Card

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Tue Dec 2 19:42:26 MST 2014

At 05:18 PM 12/2/2014, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
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>Of course it isn't fair. If a cop is drunk, he/she needs to be 
>punished as well. If he/she isn't, then that needs to be swiftly 
>addressed and corrected.

         Good luck with that! Don't know about your locale, but our 
town is the lone municipality in the area WITHOUT dash cams and we 
have the second most corrupt police force/judicial system in 
Pennsylvania. Recently, two judges were relieved of their duties 
without explanation. The policeman's union won't allow the city 
council to purchase dash cams, threatening wildcat walkoff.

>But it is neither excuse nor reason nor justification for allowing 
>someone else to do the same thing.
>I am not sure what you mean by proving impairment.

         The arresting officer need only to charge you with the 
offense. It's impossible to beat the rap. He doesn't have to have 
prove you were incapable of handling a motorized vehicle, nor does he 
need probable cause to pull you over. He can just make it up (and 
more do than you realize!) In June, two people were convicted for 
DUIs while riding bicycles - one in Washington County (where I live) 
and the other in neighboring Fayette County. The state vehicle code 
specifically states that you MUST be piloting a MOTORIZED vehicle in 
order to be charged. A bicycle isn't motorized........

         As far as proving impairment (further), if you pull of the 
road to "sleep it off", you can be charged with DUI if police arrive 
and find your keys on your person - not necessarily in the ignition, 
either. A lady I know from the area had someone drive her home in her 
car. They stopped at A convenience store and the woman was sleeping 
in the passenger seat when a cop spied her and went to investigate. 
The keys were in the ignition as the driver had left to go into the 
store. The result was the woman (who had done the right thing in 
getting someone else to drive her home) was charged with a DUI and 
got 180 days of house arrest with an alcohol monitor (that's $22/day, 

>If you man subjectively, then of course not. An objective means is 
>the only practical way. And it needs to be enforced equally to all. 
>Some will sneak through. That can't be avoided. But I believe that 
>law enforcement must aggressively enforce the legal limits in place. 
>DUI cannot be tolerated.

         Again, I know the horrors of losing a family member (my dad) 
to a DUI and I take that very seriously. However, the pendulum has 
swung way too far the other way................ 
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