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John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Thu Dec 4 10:23:22 MST 2014


         Hate you begin the day with such a cryptic headline, but 
here's the deal. There is a jerk in Pasco, Washington making calls 
from telephone number 509-547-5896. When you answer, he'll say that 
he's so-and-so from Microsoft. He'll then tell you that your computer 
is malfunctioning. He's got a heavy middle eastern accent. I've 
gotten several calls from this clown and so has my mother - she 
doesn't even own a computer.

         The way the game is played, he's looking to steal your 
banking information/passwords off your system. My wife and I have 
both taken calls from this fool. I think I finally stopped him just 
days ago by asking him, "if you're from Microsoft, who is my ISP?"

         Not understanding the question, he replied, "Microsoft."

         I replied, "no, who is my internet service provider?" Which 
is a legitimate question, if he's able to determine that my system is 
malfunctioning (which he cannot, in actuality). The above phone 
number is listed to a business calling itself "Sow Washington State 
of Natural Resources" and showing annual income of $1.5-million and a 
"staff of one."

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