[Rushtalk] Islamic Leader says Muslims Discovered Earth was Round First!

Tom Matiska tom.matiska at att.net
Sun Dec 7 08:32:47 MST 2014

I'll digress for the sake of others who may also find the flat earth interesting     Professor Donalds Simanek' Pages (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania) are a pretty good collection of brain food.  Click on Myths and Mysteries of Science  then Flat Earth and read that Aristotle pretty much had the round earth nailed until he got to #6(elephant theory).

Few paragraphs down discusses Erathosthenes 200ish BC measurements of shadows at Alexandria and Syene(now Aswan) where he closely estimates the size of the
 earth.   Much further down some flat earthers rethink his measurements and  conclude the 7.2 degree difference in shadows is because the sun is 3000 miles away.

Tamarack Mines Plumb Lines  is a good round earth brain teaser.  

Museum of unworkable devices page is a interesting place to spend some time.

Enjoy, Tom
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