[Rushtalk] In the end all you have is your principles

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at keepandbeararms.com
Mon Feb 10 08:48:47 MST 2014

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                                As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often
                                  struck by the inevitability that the
                                            party must end.
                                There will be a clear, cold morning when
                                        there isn't any "more."
                                No more hugs, no more special moments to
                                celebrate together, no more phone calls
                                             just to chat.
                                It seems to me that one of the important
                                things to do before that morning comes,
                                 is to let every one of your family and
                                 friends know that you care for them by
                                          finding simple ways
                                to let them know your heartfelt beliefs
                                and the guiding principles of your life
                                        so they can always say,
                                 "He was my friend, and I know where he
                                  So, just in case I'm gone tomorrow,
                                        please know this ...…..
                                I voted against that incompetent, lying,
                                   insincere, double-talking, radical
                                  terrorist excusing, bleeding heart,
                                 narcissistic, scientific and economic
                                     currently in the White House!

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