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>Waiting for SCOTUS: ...The Second Amendment, at 
>its core, spells out not one, but two, rights 
>when it protects “the right of the people.” 
>There is a right to “keep” a gun, there is a 
>right, to “bear” a gun. There is an “and” 
>between the two in the text, so that might well 
>be taken as a significant indication that these 
>are separate rights. The Supreme Court in 2008 
>made it clear that the right to “keep” a gun is 
>a personal right, and that it means one has a 
>right to keep a functioning firearm for 
>self-defense within the home. But it has refused 
>repeatedly since then to take on the question of 
>whether that right exists also outside the home. 
>If there is a separate right to “bear” a gun 
>(and the Court, in fact, did say in 2008 that 
>the two rights were separate), it has not said 
>what that means. The National Rifle Association, 
>and some of its members, are now pressing the 
>Supreme Court to answer that question. They are 
>doing so in two cases testing whether the 
>federal government and the states can restrict 
>the rights of minors to possess a gun outside 
>the home. The Court is expected to take its 
>first look at those cases later this month, to 
>decide whether it will hear either or both of 
>them. The federal government, once again, is 
>urging the Court to bypass those cases, as it 
>has done with perhaps a half-dozen others 
>seeking clarification of the Second Amendment’s 
>scope... (The claim that the word “and” 
>separates the right to keep arms from the right 
>to bear arms is reminiscent of Bill Clinton 
>dodging an embarrassing question with “It 
>depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' 
>is.” The Arizona and Washington constitutions 
>specifically protect the right of the individual 
>citizen to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.)
>Keep on Balkin': Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, one of 
>four men involved in the murder of Border Patrol 
>Agent Brian Terry on December 15, 2010, will be 
>sentenced today in Tucson, Arizona after 
>pleading guilty to first degree murder. 
>Osorio-Arellanes sentence will be handed down in 
>federal court. Two other men are still on the 
>run in Mexico and $250,000 has been offered as a 
>reward for information leading to each of their 
>arrests. Manuel Osario Arellanes was shot on the 
>night Terry was killed and has remained in 
>custody since... The Terry family and the House 
>Oversight Committee are waiting on a court 
>ruling to determine whether President Obama's 
>assertion of executive privilege over Fast and 
>Furious documents will stand. Obama asserted 
>executive privilege over documents after denying 
>any knowledge of the operation and on the same 
>day Attorney General Eric Holder was voted in 
>contempt of Congress over his refusal to 
>cooperate with the Fast and Furious 
>investigation. Many questions still remain unanswered.
>Comments? We Don' Need No Stinkin' Comments: On 
>February 6, 2014, ATF “posted” 61 comments to 
>the electronic docket at 
>These comments are numbered 8373 through 8433. 
>With the exception of one lone comment posted on 
>January 23, these were the first comments posted 
>since January 16 – a period of three weeks. On 
>February 7, 2014, ATF posted one more comment to 
>the electronic docket, numbered 8434. All 62 of 
>these recently posted comments were received by 
>ATF between December 7 and December 9, 2013... 
>As frustrating as we all find ATF’s heavy-handed 
>management of the docket, please remember the 
>importance of documenting each of ATF’s 
>procedural violations as bases for later 
>invalidating. (This is regarding F Troop's 
>proposed rule change – 41P – to add background 
>checks and require CLEO approval for the 
>transfer of Title II weapons to a “gun trust.” 
>Contrary to F Troop claims, these trusts are 
>used by collectors, to shorten the cumbersome 
>transfer process, not by criminals, to get hold 
>of machine guns and suppressors.)
>The Mental-Health Angle: Reformatted for 
>posting, this report of MSSA's Gary Marbut's 
>recent testimony before a Montana legislative 
>committee may be a useful reference for 
>discussions of “universal” background checks and 
>“improved” mental-health screening and reporting.
>A Possible Hitch in the Ammo Supply: 
>Firefighters said nobody was injured after a 
>fire broke out an ammunition plant in the Metro 
>East Sunday. Firefighters said the blaze broke 
>at a maintenance building on the site of 
>Winchester Ammunition plant in East Alton just 
>before 3:30 a.m. Authorities said propane 
>cylinders exploded, but those cylinders were 
>isolated from more dangerous materials. 
>Firefighters said the blaze was large enough 
>that seven departments were called to help put 
>it out. (From the brief reports currently 
>available, it doesn't sound as though the fire 
>reached powder stores. It is not clear if it 
>spread to any buildings involved in production 
>nor how crucial that maintenance building may be.)
>Give Her a Gun for Valentine's Day: Forget 
>roses. This Valentine’s Day, give her a gift 
>that shows you love her whole body and soul. 
>Give her a gun. Your Valentine – whether she’s 
>your wife, girlfriend, daughter or sister – 
>deserves something very special. What could be 
>more sentimental than a tool she can use to 
>defend herself? When you give her a gun, you 
>will be showing her that she is extremely 
>precious and valuable to you. Of course, you 
>don’t want to just hand her a Glock and say 
>“Happy Valentine’s Day!” That would be neither 
>wise nor romantic. Here’s a few tips on how to 
>make your Valentine’s Day gift both safe and 
>meaningful... A gun or a gun-safety class is so 
>much more meaningful than a teddy bear. When you 
>give her a self-defense tool, you’re offering 
>her is a constant reminder of how much you value 
>her and a present that will last far longer than 
>a vase of red rosebuds. (How about a realistic 
>course in how to use the gun of her choice?)
>Plugging Away in Colorado: Gun-rights advocates 
>who want to see a repeal of Colorado’s limits on 
>the size of ammunition magazines realize their 
>chances are slim when they go before 
>Democrat-controlled committees [this] week. But 
>Republican Rep. Chris Holbert, who is sponsoring 
>one repeal measure, said the goal is to give 
>people an opportunity to have their say – 
>something that gun-rights supporters insist 
>didn’t happen last year when the laws were 
>passed. Despite dozens of hours of committee 
>testimony on a package of gun-control 
>legislation, there were still many who had 
>signed up to testify who didn’t get a chance to 
>do so. One of the more contentious proposals 
>heard restricted the size of ammunition 
>magazines to 15 rounds. The proposal became 
>law... Holbert’s repeal attempt is scheduled to 
>be heard by a House committee Monday, and a 
>separate but identical proposal in the Senate is 
>expected to have a committee hearing there Wednesday...
>Maine to Weigh Permit Confidentiality: Police 
>records with the names and addresses of citizens 
>licensed to carry concealed guns should not be 
>public documents and therefore vulnerable to 
>publication so "criminals will know where to go 
>and steal guns," said state Rep. Tim Copeland. 
>Under the state's right-to-know law, licenses to 
>carry concealed pistols and revolvers are now 
>public records and subject to public disclosure 
>to anyone who asks. Copeland, a Stratham 
>Republican, seeks to reverse that as sponsor of 
>a bill to exclude "firearms records from public 
>records subject to disclosure under the 
>right-to-know law." He has the support of local 
>law enforcers and the National Rifle Association 
>and said that, so far, no one has raised an 
>objection. The impetus, Copeland said, was a New 
>York news organization's 2012 online publication 
>of the names and addresses for all residents in 
>two counties who had concealed-carry licenses...
>Einstein's Definition of Insanity: One day after 
>a 9-year-old boy was shot to death by his 
>brother in an apparent tragic accident in 
>Mattapan, Boston [MA] Mayor Martin J. Walsh said 
>the city will partner with the police department 
>on a gun buyback program, in an effort to reduce 
>the high number of guns circulating in the city. 
>“The message for me is clear,” said Walsh. “We 
>need help from the community to find out where 
>these guns are. Let us know, alert police, so we 
>can work to get these guns off the streets.” On 
>Friday morning, a 14-year-old boy was playing 
>with a loaded gun inside his family’s 
>three-decker on Morton Street when the gun went 
>off [sic], according to police, and the bullet 
>struck the boy’s 9-year-old brother in the 
>chest, killing him. The 14-year-old, who has not 
>been identified because of his age, was charged 
>with unlawful gun possession and involuntary 
>manslaughter, and is scheduled to be arraigned 
>Monday in a closed hearing in juvenile court. 
>Authorities said he was handling the gun 
>recklessly when it fired. The boy’s 9-year-old 
>brother also has not been identified. There was 
>no evidence that anyone else in the home knew 
>the boy had the gun, authorities said Friday. 
>Today, Walsh and a spokesman for the Suffolk 
>County District Attorney’s Office both said that 
>the question of where the boy got the gun was 
>still under investigation... (I'm all for 
>getting guns off the streets – they belong in 
>holsters or otherwise secured. Let's see... A 
>teenager has illegally obtained a handgun 
>without the knowledge of any adult members of 
>his family – how likely is it that such a gun 
>would be surrendered in a “buyback”?)
>Smoldering in New Hampshire: The New Hampshire 
>House could be voting on HB 1589 this Wednesday. 
>This is a gun control bill that was written by 
>out-of-state gun control groups as admitted by 
>Democrat Representative Butler in sub-committee 
>(see the video by Ken Park Jr.). There are no 
>gun crime issues in the Granite State. As a 
>matter of fact, New Hampshire has some of the 
>lowest gun crime in the country – far lower than 
>neighboring Massachusetts which has draconian 
>gun laws in place. Democrats are pushing this 
>unnecessary gun control bill based on outrageous 
>lies. The following shreds some of their most 
>egregious claims with the facts. All HB 1589 
>will do is turn law-abiding citizens into felons 
>and could lead to a gun registry as many 
>opponents fear. Not one criminal will be stopped 
>by this law, not one. Because criminals don't obey gun laws...
>Although he agrees that firearms should not be 
>in the hands of criminals and those with mental 
>illnesses, a local businessman fears that 
>legislation considered by the state's House of 
>Representatives would not prevent either, but 
>would only further erode the Second Amendment 
>rights of responsible gun owners. Sonny Martin, 
>who with his wife, Diane, has owned Martin's 
>Agway on Route 3 for 37 years, voiced those 
>concerns on a large display sign outside his 
>business and in a telephone interview. Martin's 
>sign warns about House Bill 1589, which would 
>require universal background checks in New 
>Hampshire for all gun sales. The bill is in the 
>House's Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee. 
>A lifelong hunter, Martin is worried that 
>universal background checks may eventually lead 
>to a gun registry and, possibly, to the 
>confiscation of guns... (Prior to the “Florida 
>reform” of 1987, the Granite State was one of 
>only eight state with shall-issue permits for 
>discreet carry. [Neighboring Vermont has never 
>required a permit.] the cops I spoke with on my 
>1991 visit there estimated that 50% of law-abiding adults routinely carried.)
>Posturing in New Yoke State: State grants for 
>shooting ranges? If Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo thinks 
>that will help him mend fences with gun owners, 
>well, that dog don’t hunt... At the gun show, 
>and virtually anywhere gun owners congregate, 
>opinions about Cuomo follow a well-worn track: 
>He had no business penalizing responsible gun 
>owners by promoting and then signing New York’s 
>SAFE Act. So some of those same critics figure 
>he’s just trying to repair his own image by 
>having his Department of Environmental 
>Conservation distribute a total $135,000 to 13 
>nonprofit shooting ranges around the state to 
>improve public access and “promote the 
>responsible use of firearms.” ...Each nonprofit 
>shooting range must cover 25 percent of its 
>project’s cost with its own money... The cash 
>originates with gun owners themselves as they 
>pay a federal tax on firearms and ammunition to 
>fuel the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration 
>program. The tax is applied to archery equipment as well...
>The Power to Tax: A 10 percent tax on the sale 
>of firearms and ammunition has been proposed in 
>Rhode Island's General Assembly. It was 
>announced on Thursday and was originally pitched 
>by Providence mayoral candidate Brett Smiley. He 
>estimates the tax would raise $2 million a year. 
>Revenue from the tax would go to community 
>organizations that work to reduce gun violence. 
>Sen. Gayle Goldin is the bill's sponsor in the 
>Senate. The Providence Democrat said Rhode 
>Island's capital city had more than 100 
>shootings last year. She says that while gun 
>violence is a major problem many organizations 
>that work to prevent violence are underfunded. 
>Rep. Maria Cimini, a Providence Democrat, is the 
>bill's House sponsor. Gun rights advocates 
>oppose the measure. (To expand on the closing 
>sentence of my excerpt of the New Yoke article, 
>gunners already pay a 10% federal excise tax on 
>firearms and ammunition, along with any 
>applicable local sales taxes and background-check or licensing fees.)
>Tomorrow, in South Carolina: Governor Nikki 
>Haley has announced her intention to sign the 
>Concealed Carry Reform Bill into law [this] 
>week. The Governor made the announcement on her 
>Facebook page Saturday, writing, "Please join us 
>as I sign the Concealed Carry Reform Bill into 
>law Tuesday morning at 10:30, 1st floor lobby of 
>the Statehouse. Everyone is invited! Happy 
>Saturday!" The bill will allow those with 
>concealed weapon permits to bring their guns 
>into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. 
>Those concealing weapons would not be allowed to 
>drink, and anyone caught doing so would have 
>their permit revoked for five years, and face up 
>to two years in prison and a $2,000 fine. 
>Businesses can also keep people from bringing 
>weapons in by posting a sign against it... (A 
>list member in the Palmetto State says that the 
>delay in signing was to give SLED – the state 
>law-enforcement agency – time to standardize the 
>signage for businesses that choose to post.)
>Bringing a Stun Gun to a Gunfight: A homeowner 
>in Lincolnville says he shot and killed a 
>suspect trying to rob and stun him with a 
>possible taser, according to a release from the 
>Charleston County [SC] Sheriff's office... Once 
>the deputies arrived on the scene, the release 
>says they were met by the homeowner who told 
>them he was leaving his residence and walking 
>towards his car when he was approached by a 
>white male subject. According to the release, 
>the homeowner says the suspect attempted to stun 
>him with what he believed to be a stun gun or a 
>taser. The homeowner says a struggle ensued 
>between himself and the suspect in the driveway 
>of his home. The homeowner then pulled out a 
>hand gun and shot the suspect several times, who 
>was later pronounced dead at the scene by 
>Emergency Medical Personnel, all according to 
>the release... (A Taser is a specific brand that 
>launches a pair of barbs – attached to wires – 
>allowing the user to attempt to disable the person targeted from a distance.)
>Oops, Wrong House: At 3:50 a.m. Sunday morning 
>Tulsa [OK] police officers responded to a 
>shooting on the 2500 block of East First Street. 
>Upon arriving, police made contact with the 
>female homeowner and then found a 19-year-old 
>male who had been shot in the backyard. The 
>initial investigation shows that the 19-year-old 
>male had entered the home through the window of 
>the room of homeowner's 19-year-old daughter, 
>according to TPD captain Steve Odom. The 
>19-year-old daughter then reportedly got 
>involved in an altercation with the man and was 
>punched in the face. The daughter then 
>reportedly screamed for help, which the 
>homeowner heard. The mother grabbed her revolver and allegedly shot the man...
>Oops, Wrong Mini-Mart: A store clerk in 
>northwest Houston [TX] fought back after he was 
>targeted by a would-be robber. It happened 
>around 8pm [Saturday?] at the Stop and Gone 
>convenience store on Antoine near West Little 
>York. Police tell us the suspect tried to hold 
>up the store but the clerk was armed and shot at 
>the man several times... Police say someone 
>drove the suspect to a nearby hospital and he 
>was later transferred to Ben Taub. Investigators 
>say the man will survive. There is no word yet 
>on any possible charges in this case. (Cops 
>refer to these stores as “stop-and-robs.” Still, 
>I can recall more than one “expert” in an online 
>forum, while ticking off his seasonal rotation 
>of carry guns, mention that he may settle for a 
>.32 in the pocket if he's just running down to 
>the local one for a quart of milk.)
>Rules Reminder: A local resident said he is 
>worried about the safety of people in his 
>neighborhood and those who use his land after he 
>was told that five stray bullets whizzed through 
>the treetops above his property recently. Jerry 
>Perkins, 69, who owns 375 acres of land off 
>Perkins Point Road and whose family has lived in 
>Orrington [ME] for 150 years, said he believes 
>the shots were fired from the Orrington Rod and 
>Gun Club’s rifle range, located on East 
>Bucksport Road. The club’s property abuts 
>Perkins’ land. Perkins, a retired school teacher 
>and coach, said he learned about the stray 
>bullets from a commercial logger who has been 
>harvesting trees on his land. He said he 
>believes the shots were fired from a 
>high-powered rifle... Penobscot County Sheriff’s 
>Deputy Chad Young said Wednesday that the 
>incident is under investigation, and he is 
>awaiting a review of footage from the club’s 
>surveillance system. The club, he said, is fully 
>cooperating with the investigation...
>The Orangeburg County [SC] Sheriff’s Office is 
>investigating Saturday’s shooting death of a man 
>on Yearling Drive in Eutawville. “Officers were 
>called to the Yearling Drive residence at 2:18 
>p.m. in reference to a shooting incident,” 
>Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said in a release. “Our 
>preliminary investigation indicates a 
>59-year-old male asked his 14-year-old grandson 
>to retrieve a gun,” Ravenell said. “As the 
>14-year-old was retrieving the weapon, it 
>accidentally discharged [sic] ricocheted through 
>the house and struck the grandfather, fatally 
>injuring him.” The incident is still under investigation.
>Police said a woman was cleaning a gun in her 
>Tacoma [WA] apartment early Sunday when it fired 
>[sic] into the unit above her where a family was 
>sleeping. No one was injured when the gun fired 
>about 12:20 a.m. The family awoke and called 
>911, and the woman was booked into jail on 
>suspicion of reckless endangerment, Tacoma 
>police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said. A 
>one-year-old child and three-year-old child were 
>in the apartment when the shot fired through the 
>floor, Cool said. (What are the odds that it was 
>a striker-fired pistol that required a press of the trigger for disassembly?)
>Stephen P. Wenger, KE7QBY
>Firearm safety - It's a matter
>for education, not legislation.
>There is nothing reasonable about
>"reasonable regulation" of the
>right to keep and bear arms.
>It's all about eventual abolition
>of the right.
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