[Rushtalk] Because It's *STILL* Relevant!

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at verizon.net
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He’s riding in Air Force One, not servicing the toilets.


The birthers have lost this battle.  Admit it, and move on.


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I know that when a background check was done on Tom Matiska it mattered.  If I had more than one SS number with similar gray areas in my citizenship history,  many questions  would have been asked and answered before I was given my TS clearance, certified for nuke duty, etc...  One would think background checks for the Commander In Chief would be as strict as for a service member.  An airman with Obama's questionable past wouldn't be cleared to service the toilets on Air Force One .   Tom


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Pure hearsay.  I am NOT a conspiracy believer.

And if it’s Obama’s SSN, so what?  SSN will, by definition, have to repeat.  9 digits means 1 billion.  Recycling can’t be avoided.


You have been on this birther conspiracy issue for years, and you won’t let it go.  That’s totally your choice.  But those of us who aren’t on that bus aren’t going to be intimidated into boarding.


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