[Rushtalk] Because It's *STILL* Relevant!

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At 04:25 PM 2/28/2014, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
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>He's riding in Air Force One, not servicing the toilets.

         He's NOT fit to do either, 
Stephen.....you're completely missing the point!

>The birthers have lost this battle.  Admit it, and move on.

         No, we're right on this......we have 
PROOF his birthcert is a complete fake. So, 
where's the investigation? I don't care what 
color this fraud's skin is......he's a fake and it's obvious!

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>I know that when a background check was done on 
>Tom Matiska it mattered.  If I had more than one 
>SS number with similar gray areas in my 
>citizenship history,  many questions  would have 
>been asked and answered before I was given my TS 
>clearance, certified for nuke duty, etc...  One 
>would think background checks for the Commander 
>In Chief would be as strict as for a service 
>member.  An airman with Obama's questionable 
>past wouldn't be cleared to service the toilets on Air Force One .   Tom
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>Pure hearsay.  I am NOT a conspiracy believer.
>And if it’s Obama’s SSN, so what?  SSN will, 
>by definition, have to repeat.  9 digits means 1 
>billion.  Recycling can’t be avoided.
>You have been on this birther conspiracy issue 
>for years, and you won’t let it go.  That’s 
>totally your choice.  But those of us who 
>aren’t on that bus aren’t going to be intimidated into boarding.
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