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> > We/re not fighting the same enemy that we were in WWII
> No......this one is better funded and more spread out, but the
> objectives are still the same ones!

The only thing the Muslim Fundamentalists have in common with the
Germain fascists is the hate for Jews and the desire to rule the world.
The problem is the terrorists are not as well structured for military
purposes as they lack the resources or they would be invading Israel
again.  The terrorists can only cause moral cowards, liberals, the world
over to surrender freedom in little bits at a time.  Because of a few of
them boarding a plane in America requires submitting to sexual assult by
the TSA.  Passengers boarding the Hindenberg under Hitlers government
were not so treated.  Terrorists seem to be winning what Hitler with his
armies failed to win.

If we rid ourselves of these moral cowards and stop wasting armies where
they do not belong we can fortify America and still restore civil
liberties for America.  We need only give up political correctness and
realize Muslims are the enemy and the ones we need watch and then choose
which we need to remove by letters of Marq and Reprisal.  

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