[Rushtalk] IRS Commissioner Lies Under Oath

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         We know she lied under oath. We also 
know that she dumped a veritable boatload of 
e-mails that were damaging to her. Now, the real 
question is why isn't this woman in jail?!?  -  jaq

At 07:28 AM 6/21/2014, Richard Whitenight wrote:

>On Friday, the American people were given a 
>glimpse as to what their government, their 
>representatives, and their rule of law 
>deteriorate into during the 
>Ways and Means Committee hearing over the 
>targeting of Tea Party and Conservative groups. 
>Every Democrat during the hearing apologized to 
>the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, while every 
>single Republican questioned the Commissioner on 
>his agency’s actions. Needless to say, it got ugly fast.
>The IRS Commissioner asserted that the IRS could 
>not produce emails 
>Lerner, the central figure in the Tea Party 
>targeting scandal, as well as six other 
>officials due to a 
>hard drive crash in 2011. This “crash” 
>caused two years worth of vital emails from 
>Lerner’s hard drive to become seemingly “lost”.
>Furthermore, as noted by the Chairman of the 
>Committee Dave Camp, “The years between 
>and 2011Â are the very peak of when the IRS 
>organized and implemented its 
>scheme” against Tea Party and conservative 
>groups. In fact, the Committee itself wasn’t 
>even informed of this seemingly unimportant detail until last Friday.
>Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and Oversight 
>Subcommittee Chairman Charles Boustany Jr., M.D. 
>(R-LA) further discovered that the IRS had been 
>keeping secret for months the fact that the Agency lost these critical records.
>Ways and Means investigators confirmed on 
>Tuesday that the Agency first knew of the 
>destroyed emails as early as February 2014 – 
>nearly three months prior to newly installed 
>Commissioner John Koskinen telling the Committee 
>the IRS would produce all of 
>Lerner’s emails.
>Koskinen responded to this by confirming that 
>the emails were lost and that the “hard drive 
>has been recycled and destroyed”. But he 
>didn’t stop there, Koskinen went further and 
>claimed that the reason for not only one, or 
>two, but seven separate hard drive crashes, 
>“is to be expected given the agency’s aging 
>technology and lack of funds”.
>If the IRS only had more money to help with its 
>“aging technology”, the emails wouldn’t 
>have disappeared specifically between the years 
>of 2009 and 2011.That is essentially Koskinen’s argument.
>Yet, if a law abiding American citizen was to 
>claim that very same argument, the IRS would 
>have your assets seized and you’d most likely end up in jail.
>Today though, that was the defense upon which 
>the head of the IRS used to justify his agencies 
>actions. He didn’t just break the law by doing 
>this, he also 
>under oath. During his opening statement to the 
>Committee, Koskinen stated that “not all 
>emails on IRS servers or backup tapes qualify as 
>record, which is defined in 
>U.S.C. 330“.
>“Accordingly”, states Koskinen, “Our 
>agency’s email system is not designed to 
>preserve email”. To the everyday citizen who 
>isn’t trained in how to read IRS law, this may 
>appear to be justified, but it isn’t. It is a 
>lie for the 
>Manual makes clear that the storage of email 
>was important enough to have permanent backups of their data.
>In other words, the IRS manual describes that 
>the IRS has storage backup for emails, which it 
>also describes as being apart of the official 
>record. “Permanent” is a key word there, 
>“The IRS’ current claim is that it recycles 
>its backup tapes every six months. That’s 
>obviously not permanent. The IRS manual also 
>suggests that there should be printed copies of 
>those “lost” emails. Where are they?
>Hopefully time will tell where the emails are, 
>if not, then the IRS will have succeeded in not 
>merely altering the past, but actually 
>destroying it and in the words of George Orwell, 
>“For how could you establish even the most 
>obvious fact when there existed no record outside your own memory?
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