[Rushtalk] Is Homosexuality an Addiction Like Alcoholism?

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You all may recall when the theory was floated that it was genetic. Of course, that makes no sense in that it would have bred out of the population generations ago for failure to reproduce itself, or would be so rare as to be rarely seen.  

I'm thinking that there is a likely psychological predisposition because of events of one's youth, bad role models, or such things. 

Then, if one acts on the predisposition addiction may follow.  

As a sidelight on this, my father was an alcoholic.  I drink alcohol on occasion, but always keep myself under control, and make sure that I never drink too much.  If homosexuality is an addiction, it may account for the promiscuity that pervades much of that population.  

The dysfunctions that have become so common in today's population my be responsible for the higher number of people predisposed to this addiction.   

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  > On Mon, 2014-06-16 at 05:33 -0700, Tom 
 Matiska wrote:>> Interesting that Perry was comparing
 predisposition toward alcohol to the predisposition many
 toward gay behavior.   I wonder f the light scattering of
 from the San Fransisco audience were from the few who
 understood what he was saying?  Tom
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 Spitzer IV� 
 > Addictions in all 
 forms are curable and for the gay 
 > community this
 is so 
 much a threat that in California its 
 > illegal to 
 advertise treatments for homosexuality.
 what, kiddies......this means they really KNOW that
 are committing fraud!�-�jaq
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