[Rushtalk] Are Potheads Destroying America?

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This comes from a pro gun cop list.  I replied that the illegal drug war
is the problem.

Are Potheads Destroying America?

                                                       By David Lawrence


Idiots smoke weed because they don’t have to worry about having wild
imaginations capable of dangerous hallucinations. They are not creative.
Pot can’t freak them out because they are not smart enough to become
frightened by their own thoughts.

Interesting that liberal pot heads think that they are so intelligent
when they are so dumb.

They flat line along a horizontal plane of giddiness without the highs
and lows that brilliant people experience. They don’t become afraid of
their own thoughts because they are not bright enough. If a liberal can
tolerate pot, he is dumber than the conservative or the southern
rednecks whom he despises.

Thus weed is frightening to smart people.  Progressives are notorious,
idea-driven, unimaginative people who substitute ideology for creative
thought and are far less bright than their reputations. They excel
academically but they have no ability to dream.

It is dreams that frightened brilliant people like Hamlet, “For in that
sleep of death, what dreams may come…Must give us pause.”

pothead3Potheads have nothing to fear because they are not intelligent
enough to be fearful. They don’t see bad visions because they have no

Liberals specialize in removing restrictions. They want drugs,
prostitution and same sex marriage to be legal. They are short term
hedonists who are interested in making pleasure seekers happy by making
everything permissible, rather than in pursuing long term societal
cures. They do not want a better society.  They want happy dolts running
around emotionally gratifying themselves.

If I smoke a joint I trip out.  I lose my timing.  I see things that
aren’t really there.  My mind expands like an accidental hot air balloon
crashing into a tree top. I distort the world in a way that is not
profitable to me and interferes with clear thought.

At seventeen I walked across a thin iron fence on top of my friend’s six
story apartment building.  I thought I could fly. My reality was
distorted by grass. Luckily, I didn’t fall off his roof.

I had experiences with mescaline and PCP.  They became part of the
collage of the negative pot experience.  A junkie once told me that pot
is kindergarten for the college of heroin. On a beach in Cape Cod after
smoking grass I went over to a family and rang a cowbell hanging from my
neck while I told them that I loved them. I was Timothy Leary without

I met Leary at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. He seemed like a
social guy.  He was an icon of stupidity who substituted medicinal
intelligence for real thought. He was the Pied Piper for the pleasure
seeking mindlessness. He blinded people to their own self-destruction
while he pretended he was stretching their consciousness rather than
distorting it.

In my thirties I smoked weed with a client in the insurance business.
He broke up into a cartoon stick figure and disappeared.  I fell to the
floor and hid my head beneath his desk.  He laughed because he didn’t
know what else to do.

I once asked a shrink why I got such bad reactions to pot.  He told me,
“You’re allergic.”  Maybe that was it.  Maybe a lot of other people are
allergic and face danger when smoking. It’s not just fun.  It can be

pot2I was once driving high and I couldn’t tell which side of the road I
was on.  Right, that’s what potheads in Colorado are fighting for, the
opportunity to have an accident.

Why do liberals celebrate the spread of pot and its legalization? It can
do no good.  The fact that alcohol can do no good either is irrelevant.
Better to have one vice than two.

And the arrogance of liberals who think that pot expands your mind.  It
almost stretched mine out of proportion so that I couldn’t think.

When I tried to read on pot I’d reach the end of the sentence and I
couldn’t remember the beginning. It dumbed me down.  Liberals should not
be proud of earned stupidity. They should not feel cool when they are
destroying their ability to think.

How many college kids are wasting fifty thousand dollars a year on
sentences that they’ll forget before they reach the end of them?  The
humongous expense of a disappearing education.  Real cool.  A mind
frozen in its own simplicity.

Liberals worry that the icecaps are melting in the Arctic.  I worry that
liberal minds are freezing into their prejudices and their compulsion to
be blind activists in favor of mindless revolution and getting high
rather than shoring up the necessary societal norms.

Our President went to Harvard, the refuge of slick thinking and
truncated depth. A university that gives away good grades so that they
don’t have to admit they accepted rich dummies and affirmative action
charity cases.

Obama was a pot head.  He is value driven rather than goal oriented.  He
is high on his own interpretation of the universe.  He believes in the
right to believe in solipsism and replaces empathy with narcissism.
Whenever he used to get too full of himself he’d smoke a joint.  The
residual effect is a mind that is guiding a directionless country that
is falling apart.

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