[Rushtalk] RINO McCain quote: I thought Republicans wanted African-Americans voting Republican

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Sun Jul 27 16:22:55 MDT 2014

McCain on Cochran’s win: I thought Republicans wanted African-Americans
voting Republican



Via Breitbart, a little casual racial demagoguery towards Chris
McDaniel’s tea-party base from ol’ Maverick.

        I claim credit for [Cochran's victory], but, actually, the
        reason why he won was that he had a really excellent
        get-out-the-vote campaign,” McCain told The Arizona Republic.
        “There are some people who are complaining that African-American
        voters voted. I thought one of the major priorities of the
        Republican Party was to get all minority and ethnic voters out
        to vote for Republicans.”…
        McCain has not yet announced whether he will seek a sixth Senate
        term in 2016. But McCain has acknowledged that he would likely
        attract a tea-party-style primary opponent, and says he will be
        ready to rumble if it happens.
        “The key to it is you’d better pay attention, you’d better work
        hard, you’d better organize,” McCain said. “And you’d better
        understand that there is a strong
        anti-Washington/anti-incumbency sentiment out there, which is
        justified, and you’ve got your work cut out for you. If I run
        again, I know what I’m going to be up against and I know that
        it’s going to be a long, hard slog. But I enjoy campaigning. I
        love it. And I love traveling around the state.”

Is that what McDaniel fans are upset about, that black voters turned
out? Or are they upset that Democrats, some of them black and energized
by sleazy race-oriented dirty tricks against McDaniel, proved
decisive in a Republican primary, ensuring that the party’s nomination
went to a guy who twice won fewer votes from members of that party than
his rival did? The fact that McCain would stoop to this sort of stupid
MSNBC-ish lowest-common-denominator troll to dismiss conservative anger
is telling. We just watched a network of cronies prop up a feeble old
man who’s been in Congress for 40 years by recruiting liberals to tilt a
GOP election, and Maverick’s big comeback is “why don’t you want blacks
to vote?” We once nominated this guy for president. Why?

If you’re thinking ahead to 2016 and wondering whether he can duplicate
what Cochran pulled off, the answer is … probably not. Arizona’s
primaries are semi-closed, meaning that you can vote in the Republican
election if you’re a registered Republican or unaffiliated. Registered
Dems are out. If McCain wants to pull a Thad against some primary
challenger, he’ll have to find the votes among indies. It could be,
though, that his macro strategy is much the same — i.e. if he ends up
falling behind before the primary, he might try to pitch indies on the
idea that tea partiers must be stopped at all costs and therefore it’s
in their interest to turn out for the incumbent. His problem potentially
is that if Democrats nominate a strong candidate to challenge him, all
left-leaning indies will be pulling for McCain to lose in the primary so
that they can face the untested non-incumbent in the general election.
In Mississippi, where the Republican primary inevitably decides who the
state’s next senator will be, you don’t have that worry so lefties could
vote strategically. Besides, if there’s any battle plan that Maverick’s
going to follow, it’s more likely to be his pal Lindsey’s than
Cochran’s. Graham trounced the tea party in a red state by using all the
levers of incumbency; Cochran campaigned listlessly until the very end
and nearly lost. If McCain ends up in a situation more like the latter
than the former, something will have gone very wrong for him before

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