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Tea partiers are not extremists

Published Jul 22, 2014 at 9:12 pm (Updated Jul 22, 2014 at 9:12 pm)
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On June 12, the Observer-Reporter published an 
editorial with the headline, “Cantor defeat bad 
news for GOP.” Reading this collection of 
absurdities caused me to laugh so hard that I 
severely injured myself and my recovery was a 
long and arduous process. Finally, I feel fit 
enough to address some of the editorial’s moronic notions.

It said, “Sen. John McCain remarked that the 
Republican Party will again lose the presidency, 
no matter who they nominate in 2016, if they 
block immigration reform. If McCain’s prediction 
is correct, we can probably safely tune out the 
chatter of the next two years and calmly await 
the arrival of President Hillary Clinton.”

To show how wrong McCain is, on July 1, a throng 
of protestors turned away three busloads of 
illegal immigrants in the tiny town of Murrieta, 
Calif., according to The Christian Science 
Monitor. The anti-illegal immigration backlash 
has become so strong along border towns in Texas, 
California and Arizona that the border patrol is 
now refusing to give details about the 
whereabouts of the buses or future movements.

The editorial also said, “The voters in Tuesday’s 
GOP primary in (Eric) Cantor’s Virginia district 
moved quickly to extinguish this small glimmer of 
compassion or balance. (David) Brat’s supporters, 
and other tea party adherents, will brook no 
accommodation. They want to deport 11 million 
people, among other things, regardless of the 
practicalities involved or the cost.”

Don’t kid yourselves. This notion isn’t limited 
to the tea party. People all across the South are 
seeing with their own eyes that amnesty doesn’t 
work. They are angry that illegals break the law 
to get into the country and are rewarded with 
taxpayer-funded perks. Some of the most outspoken 
critics are those whose families came here 
legally. This issue has reached flashpoint 
status. Voters are grossly fed up and only the 
half-wits in Congress and the media refuse to see it for what it is.

In truth, the tea party is not a collection of 
dimwitted rednecks or racists or extremists or 
Satan or whatever lie it is that the left is 
trying to get the public to swallow. The tea 
party is simply a collection of libertarians who 
are strict adherents to the Constitution, which 
is a centrist document that is currently being 
ignored by both major political parties. If 
necessary, the tea party can become the political 
version of the Marine Corps by holding political 
feet to the fire. I invite all who are reading 
this publication to attend a tea party rally or 
monthly meeting, locally – yes, even the 
editorial staff of the Observer-Reporter. You 
will find conservative Democrats, Republicans, 
independents, white, black, yellow, whatever. 
You’ll also find, for the most part, a thoughtful 
exchange among people who harbor a deep and abiding love of country.

John A. Quayle

North Franklin

At 06:37 PM 7/27/2014, Carl William Spitzer IV wrote:

>Patriots, Let’s Roll: Remember Mississippi!
>Posted on July 4, 2014 by Lloyd Marcus
>Clash Daily Contributor
>Driving home to Florida after campaigning for 
>Tea Party candidate conservative Chris McDaniel 
>in Mississippi, my wife Mary and I caught Mark 
>Levin discussing the runoff election on the 
>radio. I am chairman of 
>Campaign Committee. We travel the country 
>helping to elect true conservatives in House and 
>Senate races via independent expenditure TV and 
>radio ad campaigns. We provide boots on the 
>ground to organize volunteers, make get-out-the-vote phone calls and more.
>Mark Levin was livid talking about the dirty 
>tricks GOP establishment candidate Thad 
>Cochran’s campaign employed. Levin played the 
>despicable RoboCall designed to encourage blacks 
>to vote for Cochran. I could hardly believe my 
>ears. The <http://bit.ly/1nHZ7WE>script trashed 
>the Tea Party, inferring that it is racist against the first black president.
>A <http://bit.ly/1lhGdTR>radio ad targeted at 
>blacks encouraged them to vote for Cochran to 
>save food stamps and other entitlements. The ad 
>ends instructing blacks to “vote against the Tea Party”.
>Cochran’s dance with the devil to steal the 
>election included an illegal flier filled with 
>hate, racism and lies about the Tea Party and McDaniel.
>Talk about despicable and hate inspiring, the 
>flier claims that the Tea Party and McDaniel 
>plan to prevent blacks from voting in the 
>runoff. The flier also said, “Mississippi cannot 
>and will not return to the bygone era of 
>intimidating black Mississippians from voting.”
>What the heck are they talking about? Brother 
>and sister patriots, 
>is pure evil. It is also heartbreaking.
>Oh my gosh, and this guy Cochran calls himself a 
>Republican? The Cochran campaign was outrageous, 
>disgusting and beyond the pale. I am extremely 
>p-o-ed. Adding insult to injury, to steal the 
>election from a conservative at any cost, the 
>GOP was complicit with Democrat Cochran 
>operatives falsely slandering decent, hard 
>working and patriotic Americans in the Tea Party.
>If this deplorable gang-bang of solid 
>conservative McDaniel and the Tea Party by 
>Cochran and the GOP establishment does not tell 
>us who they really are, nothing will. God help us!
>As a black conservative, for many years I have 
>been begging the GOP to reach-out to the black 
>community. Similar to the Tea Party Express 
>national bus tours, I envisioned “Reach Your 
>Dreams” tours targeted to the black community; 
>black conservatives on stage telling their 
>success stories via conservative principles.
>The GOP’s answer was always defeatist. Why 
>bother, the Democrats will get the black vote no 
>matter what we do. My retort was if we can peel 
>off 5 or 10%, that would be a great thing. I 
>have always felt that it is the moral thing to 
>do; to expose black Americans to the truth; to 
>inspire them to reject the Left’s victim 
>nonsense and simply go for their dreams.
>American blacks have been brainwashed into 
>thinking they are weak victims despite being 
>blessed to have been born in the greatest land 
>of opportunity on the planet. It is not 
>surprising that ambitious, minority, legal 
>immigrants come to America and do extremely 
>well. They have not been infected by years of 
>mainstream media and Democrats telling them that 
>they are powerless victims of an eternally 
>racist white America. For decades, the 
>Democrats’ with MSM support have sold the black 
>community their shameful manipulative evil lie; 
>vote for us and we’ll keep the handouts coming and white racist America at bay.
>So you can understand my anger. By supporting 
>and super funding Cochran, in essence, the GOP 
>has finally reached out to blacks, but with a liberal message.
>Well, folks, the restoration of America is up to 
>us. The Democrats, the mainstream media and the 
>GOP are against us. We got it; no more pretending, the mask is off.
>While being interviewed on the Levin radio show, 
>Chris McDaniel said our national rallying cry 
>should be, “Remember Mississippi!” Count me in 100%. I am fired up.
>A <http://on.thec-l.com/1pStlJP>Chris McDaniel 
>write-in campaign is being discussed. 
>Apparently, this is not doable. Mississippi has 
>qualifying deadlines for all elections. For 
>McDaniel to run as an independent or write-in 
>candidate, he would have had to have the 
>requisite number of signatures filed with the 
>state no later than January 31st.
>The GOP took out the people’s choice, Tea Party 
>candidate, Joe Miller in Alaska with a Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign.
>A successful Chris McDaniel write-in victory 
>would have been absolutely wonderful; not to 
>mention the inspiration it would give our base.
><http://fxn.ws/1z4MYTm>McDaniel is still 
>pursuing his options based on “dozens of 
>irregularities”. I say, right-on brother Chris, 
>do not in typical GOP fashion, go down easy.
>Good folks, throughout the Bible have faced 
>seemingly unstoppable and all powerful evil only 
>to emerge victorious in the final hour via God’s 
>intervention. Brother and sister patriots, if we 
>stick together, and stay focused and faithful, 
>with God’s help we will defeat this vile evil 
>threatening to destroy our great nation.
>Remember Mississippi!
>The UK Guardian declared prolific writer, singer 
>and songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party 
>Movement’s most prominent African American; seen 
>on Fox News, CNN and more. Rejecting 
>hyphenating, Marcus is renowned for proclaiming, 
>“I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus 
>AMERICAN!!!” Marcus is Chairman of Conservative 
>Campaign Committee PAC. It’s mission is to elect 
>conservative candidates across America.
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