[Rushtalk] Joe Biden Attacks Clinton At Fundraiser

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Joe Biden Attacks Clinton At Fundraiser

Posted on 
12, 2014

Oh fun. Which liberal can out lie the other?
Check it out:

Joe Biden reportedly attacked the Clinton 
administration’s record on economic inequality 
during a closed-door Democratic fundraiser in 
South Carolina on Friday, prompting renewed 
speculation that the former Democratic senator 
will run against Hillary Clinton for the 
presidency in <http://patriotdepot.com/2016-presidential-election/>2016.

CNN’s Peter Hamby was told by three separate 
sources at the fundraiser that Biden explained 
how rising inequality ­ now a frequent trope 
among Democratic politicians ­ in fact began 
during the later years of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

“The fraying of middle-class economic security 
did not begin during President George W. Bush’s 
terms,” Hamby wrote, paraphrasing Biden’s pitch, 
“but earlier, in the ‘later years of the Clinton administration.’”

On Monday, CNN’s John King broke down the 
<http://patriotupdate.com>news along with The 
Atlantic’s Molly Ball and The New York Times’ 
Jonathan Martin. “So a criticism of Bill 
Clinton,” King mused. “Is that also an implicit 
criticism of Hillary Clinton, who might be his rival?”

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