[Rushtalk] Romney calls for minimum-wage increase

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Tue May 13 08:35:52 MDT 2014

Romney is absolutely right, and then some.

It needs to be raised now and a mechanism put in place to ensure small regular increases. The min wage was changed 6 times in the 60's(4 raises and 2 rules changes) without the nickel and dime changes causing economic or political chaos.   

The 9 year freeze from 81-90 and 10 year freeze from 97-07 were not crowd pleasers and the "over our dead body" got exactly that.  Pent up political demand resulted in large make up increase that were harmful to both employers and min wage employees, and helpful only to Dems seeking reelection.

If the min wage was tied to the same COLA system  used by SS, Feds, etc....  the five year old 2009 wage would be 50 cents higher today.    It would be neither a jobs killer nor a political football.  


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Romney calls for minimum-wage increase 
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