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Homeowner Stops Robbery with AR-15

By <http://eaglerising.com/author/onancoca/>Onan 
Coca / 16 May 2014 / 
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Has anyone else noticed how more and more crimes 
are being prevented with firearms? It’s 
astonishing that as our nation seems to free-up 
law abiding citizens to protect themselves, they 
seem to be doing just that. Protecting themselves.

Well, it’s happened again.

The difference this time around is that the 
homeowner used his AR-15 to protect his home and 
himself. Why is that important? It wasn’t too 
long ago that 
Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, 
was telling us how ineffective an AR-15 was as an assault weapon.

However, Biden is wrong. A shotgun may be 
preferable for some for home defense, but for 
others the AR-15 is the better choice. 
in point.

A Henderson, a North Carolina man, woke up Monday 
morning to the sound of someone trying to gain 
access to his home. The homeowner ignored what he 
thought was someone knocking but then the 
intruder kicked his way into the home.

"I heard the loud bang in the laundry room area. 
I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was 
walking up the hallway. As soon as I poked my 
head around the corner I saw a tall male standing 
there with a gun. He shot first, I shot second. 
He missed and I reckon I connected. I guess I did 
the right thing. I just reacted the best way possible.”

The homeowner did indeed “connect” with the 
intruder who got out of the house but collapsed a 
short while later. Local police also caught the 
man’s accomplice who was waiting for the man outside in his car.

So there you have it. An AR-15 used for home 
defense proves itself equal to the task of 
helping a homeowner defend his home against an armed assailant.

So Mr. Vice President
 do you have any other 
useless advice for Americans whose rights you’d like to strip?

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