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I think what Americans don't 'get' is that this common core 
teaching/learning method isn't to be used to cypher EVERY math 
question one runs across, but rather attempts to teach the kids how 
to think...or another way to think.

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>I am not so sure it's all bad.  No doubt, it is confusing, but only 
>because the approach to teaching/learning is different.  Different 
>does not automatically make it bad.
>Here in the U.S>, we teach the various areas of math 
>discreetly:  algebra, geometry, trig, etc.  Most of western Europe 
>doesn't do that.  They teach mathematical concepts the encompass all 
>of those areas and slowly and steadily move to more and more 
>difficult concepts.
>When our new exchange students arrive here in August, most of them 
>juniors, they are leaps and bounds ahead of their American 
>peers.  Most of them can move straight into AP Calculus, and still 
>encounter little new material.
>Our two juniors, one from Germany and one from Denmark, just took 
>the Common Core practice tests.  The American kids were all 
>complaining they were the hardest tests they had ever taken.  Our 
>students told us they were doing that math in the 7th and 8th grades.
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>My State (IN.) is dropping it.
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>Common core is becoming a "common nightmare" - even for college 
>students. Take a look:
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