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At 01:41 PM 5/17/2014, Paf Dvorak wrote:
>I think what Americans don't 'get' is that this common core 
>teaching/learning method isn't to be used to cypher EVERY math 
>question one runs across, but rather attempts to teach the kids how 
>to think...or another way to think.

         THINKING is verboten in this country anymore! Think for 
yourself? Nah, that's not allowed! You might go to jail! Just look at 
all of the hubub about expressing an opinion that is "not mainstream" 
- like saying you're offended by the gay football player kissing his 
boyfriend in front of a camera or the owner of the L.A. Clippers, 
expressing his opinion in a PRIVATE phonecall from his OWN HOME! You 
may not agree with the sentiments in either scenario (and you don't 
have to), you shouldn't be ostracized for having something different 
from the societal dictates.

>At 06:48 AM 5/17/2014 -0700, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
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>>I am not so sure it's all bad.  No doubt, it is confusing, but only 
>>because the approach to teaching/learning is different.  Different 
>>does not automatically make it bad.
>>Here in the U.S>, we teach the various areas of math 
>>discreetly:  algebra, geometry, trig, etc.  Most of western Europe 
>>doesn't do that.  They teach mathematical concepts the encompass 
>>all of those areas and slowly and steadily move to more and more 
>>difficult concepts.
>>When our new exchange students arrive here in August, most of them 
>>juniors, they are leaps and bounds ahead of their American 
>>peers.  Most of them can move straight into AP Calculus, and still 
>>encounter little new material.
>>Our two juniors, one from Germany and one from Denmark, just took 
>>the Common Core practice tests.  The American kids were all 
>>complaining they were the hardest tests they had ever taken.  Our 
>>students told us they were doing that math in the 7th and 8th grades.
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>>My State (IN.) is dropping it.
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>>Common core is becoming a "common nightmare" - even for college 
>>students. Take a look:
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