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Interesting about the history requirements.  So far, to date, Common Core is
math and language.  I was addressing math, and only math.  You can lump it
all together, and no one will get anywhere, and our kids will continue to be
scientifically inferior.


You're a tutor, great.  I'm a double major: math and CS.  BFD.  All of those
rolled together and $8.00 will buy a cup of coffee.


I think the European approach to math and science is far superior to ours.
You can argue Federal intrusion, and I tend to agree.  But whether it's the
states or the feds, our math instruction, today, in intermediate and high
school is simply unsatisfactory, and our kids are worse than ill prepared
for advanced scientific work.


Let's stop making every damned thing political and start addressing issues.


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As a professional tutor, I can tell you it is crap and my opinion has
nothing to do with inertia. That being said, the real problem with it is
more intrusion from the federal government. When the US led the world in
education was when the local school districts had the most control. As an
aside, I've also read the history requirements. It is pure unadulterated,
progressive indoctrination by way of revised history.

On 5/17/2014 3:55 PM, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

All of this, yes, and I think a far more comprehensive approach.


The biggest problem is that it's a change, and people resist change.


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I think what Americans don't 'get' is that this common core
teaching/learning method isn't to be used to cypher EVERY math question one
runs across, but rather attempts to teach the kids how to think...or another
way to think.

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I am not so sure it's all bad.  No doubt, it is confusing, but only because
the approach to teaching/learning is different.  Different does not
automatically make it bad.
Here in the U.S>, we teach the various areas of math discreetly:  algebra,
geometry, trig, etc.  Most of western Europe doesn't do that.  They teach
mathematical concepts the encompass all of those areas and slowly and
steadily move to more and more difficult concepts.
When our new exchange students arrive here in August, most of them juniors,
they are leaps and bounds ahead of their American peers.  Most of them can
move straight into AP Calculus, and still encounter little new material.
Our two juniors, one from Germany and one from Denmark, just took the Common
Core practice tests.  The American kids were all complaining they were the
hardest tests they had ever taken.  Our students told us they were doing
that math in the 7th and 8th grades.
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My State (IN.) is dropping it.  
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Common core is becoming a "common nightmare" - even for college students.
Take a look:



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