[Rushtalk] Romney calls for minimum-wage increase

Tom Matiska tom.matiska at att.net
Sat May 24 09:28:39 MDT 2014

Provide a 50 cent one time makeup increase, tie min wage increases to the existing SS system, and deflate their football already.... Tom
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Carl William Spitzer IV <cwsiv at copper.net> wrote:

>On Tue, 2014-05-13 at 07:35 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:
>> Romney is absolutely right, and then some.
>> It needs to be raised now and a mechanism put in place to ensure small
>> regular increases. The min wage was changed 6 times in the 60's(4
>> raises and 2 rules changes) without the nickel and dime changes
>> causing economic or political chaos.   
>> The 9 year freeze from 81-90 and 10 year freeze from 97-07 were not
>> crowd pleasers and the "over our dead body" got exactly that.  Pent up
>> political demand resulted in large make up increase that were harmful
>> to both employers and min wage employees, and helpful only to Dems
>> seeking reelection.
>> If the min wage was tied to the same COLA system  used by SS, Feds,
>> etc....  the five year old 2009 wage would be 50 cents higher today.
>> It would be neither a jobs killer nor a political football.  
>The problem it is too late for incremental.  The changes are sudden like
>hitting a brick wall and stop jobs which would be created.  Some people
>are not worth Min Wage and should be allowed to work for less.
>Democrats use it not because they give a damn but because they are
>buying votes from the Unions which once were Republican but were bought
>for JFK from the mob by Joe Kennedy long ago.
>We should never have corporate bialouts the GM bailout was the Democrats
>buying an intire state which would switch parties if the unions were not
>bought off.
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