[Rushtalk] Illegal immigration won’t be solved with superficial solutions

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at keepandbeararms.com
Sat May 24 11:45:36 MDT 2014

On Sun, 2014-05-18 at 09:30 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:
> Amazing in this day and age of computers how hard it is get quotes
> correct.  Jeb was explaining SOME came here for their families,
> because they love their children,     ....true enough...and ALSO said
> the bipartisan bill to ensure people who overstayed their visa left
> was good, said we should better control the border, restore public
> confidence in our immigration system, and punish those who broke the
> law.   .....not too bad in whole
> While we spin ourselves dizzy over Jeb's words Obama is releasing
> illegal aliens with criminal records by the thousands.... a poison
> pill to kill make sure bipartisan reform stays out of reach and is
> alive as an election issue for the Dem base.   But never mind
> Obama.... just keep thinking Jeb is the problem. 

RINO's in the GOP are the problem Jeb is only one of many of these
worthless ones we need to either remove from the GOP or leave behind in
the GOP when we move on to a new party.

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