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Ben Carson’s Conservative Views Earn Applause on Liberal Show!

By <http://eaglerising.com/author/onancoca/>Onan 
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Dr. Ben Carson was a guest on 
liberal gabfest known as the View where he 
fielded some tough questions from the liberal 
hosts. (Sidenote: Isn’t it interesting how 
conservatives always seem to get the tough, 
pointed questions on these shows – while liberals 
get softballs about their pets and such?)

Dr. Carson was up for the fight, though, and he 
may have even won some converts with his remarks. Watch it here.

Guest host (and male) Terry Crews asked:  "Do you 
think the welfare system is racist?"

To which Dr. Carson replied: "Let me put it this 
way: when you rob someone of their incentive to 
go out there and improve themselves, you are not 
doing them any favors. When you take someone and 
pat them on the head and say, 'There there you 
poor little thing,' I'm gonna give you food 
stamps, I'm gonna give you housing subsidies, I'm 
gonna give you free health care. What would be 
much more empowering, is to use our intellect and 
our resources to give those people a way up and out."

Dr. Carson’s uber-conservative answer led the 
crowd to cheer and applaud. Not generally a 
response conservatives get on the set of The View.

Dr. Carson also took the time to tear apart 
Obamacare and offer up better healthcare 
alternatives that Democrats keep glossing over. 
All in all, it was a successful media event for 
Dr. Carson as he continues to consider a run for the White House in 2016.

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