[Rushtalk] Henry Kissinger {CFR member} Agrees with Idea of Mercenary Force

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Bill O'Reilly: Kissinger Agrees with Idea of Mercenary Force


Sunday, 28 Sep 2014 07:51 PM

By Greg Richter


Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly says former Secretary of State Henry
Kissinger agrees with him on the idea of forming a mercenary army to
fight terrorists around the world.

O'Reilly claimed that the two are "simpatico" in an interview aired
Sunday on ABC's "This Week." 

"I was with Henry Kissinger last night," O'Reilly told ABC's George
Stephanopoulos. "And he told me my idea of a worldwide anti-terror force
paid for by the coalition of nations under the supervision of Congress —
Kissinger has endorsed that for years."

ABC said it had sought comment from Kissinger, but had not yet heard

O'Reilly predicted the force eventually will come to be, but not while
Barack Obama is president.

The purpose of the interview was to promote O'Reilly's new book,
"Killing Patton."  He said the World War II general would have handled
terrorism differently than Obama.

"If George Patton were alive today, he would be saying to President
Obama, 'Give me the Third. I’ll go into Syria, and I'll wipe 'em all
out,'" O’Reilly said.

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