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This Woman Had 8 Kids for the Benefits…

 What She’s Planning Next is Sick

Even when well-intended, liberal policies almost always result in
unwanted consequences because they ignore historical truth, logic, and
common sense ideas in favor of feel-good activism.


One of those common sense ideas, known to conservatives everywhere, is
that if the government subsides a behavior, incidents of that behavior
will increase. If, for example, the government pays welfare benefits to
illegal immigrants, it will not only see a rise in illegal immigration–
it will cause one. If a state allows assistance programs to pay for
jewelry and tattoos, it will cause a boon for jewelers and tattoo

And conservatives everywhere said, “Duh.”

Despite the inarguable logic of this common sense principle, liberals
continue to insist that “the welfare state has never encouraged a single
woman anywhere to birth multiple children she doesn’t support.”
Conservatives have known all along that this claim flies in the face of
logic, but now there is also evidence, albeit anecdotal, to support the
conservative position.

>From Right Wing News comes a report of Marie Buchan, a British welfare
mom of eight with big dreams: she aspires to be a British welfare mom of

Click here to watch Dr. Ben Carson explain why the welfare state isn’t
doing anyone any favors.

The 32-year old mother had her eighth child against doctors’ advice, and
now requires a hysterectomy. A little thing like that won’t stop the
British Octomom, though–she plans to use a surrogate to add two more
children to her three-bedroom rented home because, she says, she wants
the additional government benefits that the children will bring.

The extra room she will need to house the new arrivials will do doubt
come from the absence of the children’s father, with whom Buchan claims
to have had “an on-off relationship” since her teen years.

Although she is unabashedly using her children to obtain state benefits,
Buchan would probably claim that she loves them and wants the best for
them. She might even believe it.

She’s wrong. Teaching children to depend on the welfare state for their
income and survival doesn’t do them any good. It doesn’t do the
taxpayers much good, either.

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