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Democrat Lawmaker In Gunfight With Teens

Posted on 
16, 2014

These guys will never vote against conceal carry after this incident!
Check it out:

Four teenagers have been charged with attempted homicide, robbery, 
assault and other counts after they allegedly tried to rob two state 
representatives only blocks from the Pennsylvania state capitol and 
ended up exchanging gunshots on a public street.

State Rep. Marty Flynn, D-Scranton, formerly a prison guard for the 
Lackawanna County Prison, was walking along the street with Rep. Ryan 
Bizzarro, D-Erie, late Tuesday after a day of legislative work then 
dinner out, according to PennLive.com.

The men were confronted by a man who allegedly pulled out a gun and 
demanded their wallets, police reported.

According to Thom Welby, chief of staff for Flynn, one of the alleged 
attackers pulled the weapon and demanded money, "to which Rep. Flynn 
responded with some expressive language that they're not getting 
anything from him."

Reading on www.wnd.com ...

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