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West Africans Are Coming Across Our Southern Border

Dr. Jane Orient
Dr. Jane Orient
While appearing on my talk show, Dr. Jane Orient, an internal medicine
specialist and the Executive Director of the Association of American
Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), clearly stated that Border Patrol
informants told her that as many 100,000 West Africans are in Central
America, have been taught to speak Spanish and are coming across our
Southern border. Dr. Orient further stated that Ebola screening
practices had not been implemented at the border with immigrants that
were being detained. Please note that the incubation period for Ebola is
up to 21 days.
In Arizona, state officials learned that Obama had ordered ICE to
deliver unscreened illegal immigrants to bus terminals in Phoenix and
Tucson AFTER their arrival. The same was true in several border state
communities and there was no evidence that ANY health screening had
taken place.
Dr. Orient had also learned that the Border Patrol has taken to
laundering their own clothing at their work site because of the risk to
their families.
As an aside, Dr. Orient had also learned that Halliburton type of
organizations were springing up to construct FEMA camp type detention
facilities for people with serious illnesses (i.e. Ebola, drug resistant
TB). Later, I published proof of contracts being offered in 2011, to
corporations such as KBR, to be able to construct such a camp in 72
A week after the Dr. Orient interview, I was traveling to San Diego for
vacation and had a chance encounter with a Border Patrol agent in a
convenience store in Yuma, AZ. I approached him, gave him my business
card, promised not to use his name and proceeded to ask him questions
about the border. In a short five minute conversation, he told me that
Border Patrol officials are contracting drug resistant TB, Scabies and
bacteriological pneumonia. When I told him of Dr. Orient’s claim that
Border Patrol officials had told her that they were concerned over West
Africans who were crossing our border, he said he was indeed aware that
West Africans were crossing our border but he did not know in what
Nearly 10 days later, the Border Patrol Agent contacted me at the number
on my business card and this time he had a partner on the phone. Both
agents confirmed that the number of West Africans crossing our border
matched Dr. Orient’s revelation. Further, they confirmed the presence of
UN and World Health Organization officials at the detention center that
they were assigned to after they were taken off of actual field duty and
assigned clerical duties.
This is called double sourcing the information originally presented by
Dr. Orient. But wait, there are more confirmations.

Retired Border Patrol Head Speaks Out

Adding fuel to this fire is a statement that comes from the chairman of
the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), Zack
Taylor, who states that West African illegal immigrants are presently
coming into the U.S. through Mexico. These West Africans have been
apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley sector in the last few years. Some
of these West African groups have been taught to speak Spanish in order
to infiltrate into the United States posing as Central American
immigrants. This speaks to planning and collusion that some of these
groups were taught to speak Spanish so they will “blend in” with other
illegal immigrant groups. This is another piece of evidence that the
coming series of pandemics has some governmental agency fingerprints on
this invasion. Smart money would say that the CIA is involved.

Confirmation From a DEA Source

Zack Taylor’s revelation is confirmed by one of my DEA sources, through
the revelation of circumstantial evidence. My insider DEA source has
confirmed that the Sinoloa and Los Zetas Mexican drug cartels receive
their weapons and drugs in Peru from a drug cartel known as the
SANCHEZ-Peredes. This cartel has been around since 1976 and is protected
by the Peruvian army. The SANCHEZ-Peredes have strong ties to Hamas and
other terror organizations including the drug trafficking corridor
coming out of West Africa. The West African drug operatives are often
used as couriers for guns and drugs. The SANCHEZ-Peredes also use the
West Africans to transport drugs into the United States. This latter
fact clearly explains why the West Africans are being taught to speak
Spanish. This is why I would submit that this is an Iran-Contra style
affair being conducted by the CIA.
Solely based upon these revelations, I agree with Dr. Orient’s assertion
that it is not just a matter of if, but when, Ebola comes across our
Southern border with Mexico.

Ominous Connections

west africans 1The drug trade in West Africa is tied to Hamas, the
Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and now probably ISIS. This is an ominous
discovery because it now opens the possibility that Ebola could be
purposely sent to the United States with West African drug couriers. An
organization, such as Hamas, could arrange to have a number of West
Africans to become exposed to the virus and then fast track them across
the southern border under the guise of trafficking in drugs.
In late June of this year, The London Guardian described the West
Africans’ role in trafficking drugs into Europe and South America (i.e.
SANCHEZ-Peredes cartel). Therefore, this pathway has been established in
the media.
Amidst the cries of “conspiracy theorist”, I suppose we should never
believe that Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood would do such a thing. On
the contrary, it is likely that this has already happened.

Revelations from Our Government

On Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Senatorial website contains the copy of a
113 page senate report entitled “Eight Steps to Counter the Drug Tradein
West Africa“. The report details how prevalent West Africa is both in
terms of the United States but also into Europe, transporting drugs into
both continents. The Senate report also discusses the terrorist
connections between the West African drug trade and known terrorist


While the country remains fixated on the delivery of Ebola patients to
Emory hospital in Atlanta, we are still ignoring the spread of Ebola
through air travel as evidenced by the fact that our government is doing
next to nothing. Further, when one considers the growing body of
evidence which shows that drug couriers coming from West Africa into the
United States as part of the drug trade, how could people like Dr.
Orient conclude that it is not a matter of if, but when Ebola has a
foothold on our country?
The government is fully aware of the threat whether they choose to make
press releases to Wolf Blitzer or not!


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