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         When Jane Chastain had first graduated 
from college, she was a part-time sports 
"feature" reporter for the local NBC affiliate 
out of Pittsburgh, WPXI (I think it was WIIC back 
then)............maybe Johnny DeVoe remembers? 
This would've been '73 or '74.  -  jaq

At 11:00 AM 9/4/2014, Steven Laib wrote:

>Our girly-man president
>Exclusive: Jane Chastain inserts 'pampered 
>princess' language into Obama's statements
>Read more at 
>Hillary Clinton would like to become the first 
>woman president. Should she succeed, it likely 
>would be a bit anticlimactic. We’ve already 
>had a girly-man president. More correctly, 
>we’ve had a valley girly-man president – an 
>uppity little pampered princess who can’tt, or 
>won’t, be bothered with things in which he has 
>no interest, like terrorism or foreign policy.
>For six years now we’ve looked for an Obama 
>doctrine. Finally we have one. Last April aboard 
>Air Force One, he summed it up for reporters: 
>“Don’t do stupid s–t!” How vvery 
>presidential! The only thing missing from that 
>statement was “totally” and “whatever!”
>Last week, Obama admitted that he hadn’t 
>developed a policy on ISIS in Syria yet, even 
>though Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin 
>Dempsey said it must be defeated there. So did 
>Obama take advantage of the long holiday weekend 
>to come up with a strategy? No. In true valley 
>girl (I’m privileged and don’t have to work) 
>fashion, he spent his time partying with 
>socialites and high rollers at a series of 
>lavish fundraisers and attended an extravagant wedding.
>Obama told his guests at the event in 
>Westchester County, New York, “(Like) I 
>promise you (like) things are (totally) much 
>less dangerous now (I’m so sure) than they 
>were 20 years ago, 25 years ago or 30 years 
>ago. (Rad!)” Nor was Obama the least bit 
>worried about the growing crisis with Russia in 
>Ukraine. As if to drive home that point Obama 
>added, “(Like) this is not something that is 
>comparable to the challenges we faced during the Cold War (Duh)!”
>Speaking to another group of affluent guests in 
>Newport, Rhode Island, Obama assured those 
>assembled that our post 9/11 security system 
>“makes us in the here and now (like) pretty 
>safe. (Chill!)” He added that ISIS 
>“doesn’t immediately (like totally) threaten 
>the homeland. (Duh! Whatever!)”
>Tuesday, as the world watched in horror as ISIS 
>beheaded a second American in as many weeks, 
>Obama’s petticoat was showing, again. When the 
>going gets really tough, a true valley girl gets 
>out of town. Obama left on a four-day trip to 
>reassure our NATO allies that things are 
>(totally) cool and to deliver a stern message to (grody) Russia.
>Before leaving, Obama said that part of his 
>reason for stopping in Estonia is to “(Like) 
>let the Estonians know (I’m so sure) that we 
>mean what we say (totally) with respect to our 
>(like) treaty obligations.” He noted that we 
>are under no such treaty obligations with (gag 
>me with a spoon) Ukraine but added, “We do, 
>however, (like) stand shoulder to shoulder with them. (Bonus!)”
>After all that, Putin, quaking in his jackboots, 
>boasted to one European official that he could “take Kiev in two weeks.”
>Once in Estonia, Obama called ISIS a 
>“manageable problem” if the “international 
>community” will (totally) come together. (Rad!)
>Make no mistake, I have no problem with a woman 
>president as long as it’s a “real woman” 
>with resolve like England’s “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher.
>Hillary (What difference does it make?) Clinton 
>now wants us to believe that she had major 
>problems with Obama’s foreign policy, but that 
>mean old president just wouldn’t take her 
>advice. Nevertheless, she was all smiles when 
>she presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei 
>Lavrov with that infamous “reset” button.
>So, Hillary and Obama skipped out on our friends 
>in Iraq, abandoned our plans to put a missile 
>defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, 
>dismissed the terror attack in Benghazi as a 
>demonstration over a video, ignored Russian 
>aggression, erased our red line in Syria, 
>ignored China’s hostile actions in the western 
>Pacific and let Iran off the hook. Where does 
>that leave us in the eyes of the rest of the world?
>Assuming that we have any friends left, we are 
>now the “friend who cannot be trusted.”
>Remember these words of Osama bin Laden, “When 
>people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by 
>nature they will like the strong horse.”
>Over the long holiday weekend, the closest Obama 
>came to work was a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee 
>where he concentrated on the “rights of 
>(illegal) immigrants” and the minimum wage. 
>With ISIS bent on our destruction and Russia 
>gobbling up territory, that’s tantamount to a 
>valley girl chewing gum and doing her nails.
>How many times has Obama bragged, “The war in 
>Iraq is over. The war in Afghanistan is winding 
>down. Al-Qaida has been decimated and Osama bin Laden is dead”?
>Oh, yeah, like whatever. Duh!
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