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We must analyze this failure of the damn RINO and prevent them from
electing Hitlery even if it means Joining the TEA party and the death of
the GOP.
Note this dark prophecy for was two years before the Kenyan commie was
installed into the Whitehouse like a virus into Winblows.
This is our country to loose and any more damn RINO scum being nominated
will give us Hellary.  Only a CONSERVATIVE can save us from reform by
other means.
We have had only one true Conservative run since Reagan and the RINO
rejected him to elect ObombA.

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{Slick-D} *A Dire Prediction---Resident Obama!
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Look . . . this Obama character is *my* senator, may God have mercy (my
other senator is Richard Durbin, fer pete's sake!).  If one goes to the
website of the Illinois General Assembly and looks hard enough (they
deliberately make it *very* difficult to figure out how members voted on
particular issues), you'll discover that this Obama character is a
hard-left socialist.  If (God forbid!) he actually *does* become
president, and the LEPPs retain control of Congress, we could be in for
a *very* bad time (can you say "Justice Laurence Tribe"?).

I'm trying not to be melodramatic, but the earlier that folks become
aware of Mr. Obama's voting record and his positions on various issues,
the less likely they'll be to succumb to the charming smile and the
assurances that he's a moderate---a "centrist" Democrat.



Why it will be 'President Obama' in 2009

by Kevin McCullough | Dec 03, 2006

Barring several series of near seizure-like corrections, Barack Obama
will take the Presidential oath of office in January of 2009. It will be
a cold January morning, his beautiful wife and daughters will be by his
side and they will shiver as he places his hand on the Bible and swears
to uphold the Constitution of the United States. His presidency that
will follow, if reflective of anything at all of his legislative record,
will then seek to dismantle that same Constitution.

I have a long track record of predictions on Obama, and all of them have
come true. I have no reason to believe that this one will conclude any

There are reasons that this event is destined to take place, and given
the option of knowing them but remaining silent, or mentioning them in
the hope that the scene I've just mentioned never comes to path - I
choose the latter. If any of these were to take significant turns, the
formula might collapse. This is given the fact that the nation will be
in a holding pattern for the next two years with absolute gridlock on
pretty much everything (with the possible exception of amnesty for
illegal aliens.)

RAGING LIBERALS - In 2006 the message of the voters was not Ned Lamont.
Rather it was the "Crash Dummy Class of '06." Democrats who looked, and
tried to talk like people of faith - at least long enough to get
elected. George Soros, the Daily Kos, Al Gore, Susan Sarandon, and not
to be forgotten Howard Dean, have made their go at it. They failed. But
since their party won the midterms - they believe they've been
justified. Their anti-American rhetoric will increase. They will express
dissatisfaction with Pelosi/Reid and demand an increased presence in the
2008 picture. The democratic primary voter will reject this increased
extremism and look for a "consensus builder." They will long for someone
who is "above the frey." Obama will fit that profile and will bring
"together" the left and right in his own party. He will do it with a
sense of style, smoothness, and humor - a stark contrast to Hillary,
Gore, Kerry, et al.

DIGUSTED CONSERVATIVES - Still reeling from the "ginormous" let down of
the Senate under Bill Frist, and the second term Presidency of George W.
Bush, normally energized conservatives will look to a field that offers
a pro-choice/pro-gay mayor from New York, a Mormon from Massachusetts -
who was pro-choice/pro-gay but genuinely seems now not to be - but may
have hired illegal aliens, blah blah blah, or John McCain (whose single
biggest problem is that he IS John McCain.) Normally eager "tax-cutting,
government shrinking, let's defend our nation, pro-life, pro-family"
voters, organizations, and leaders will be assaulted with speeches on
Romney's health care reform, or Giuliani’s crime initiatives, or John
McCain. Whoever emerges, will have not one tenth the oratory skills of
Obama and they will come off looking as tired, dry, and stale as day-old

EXHAUSTED MODERATES - They are tired of the stale toast, and will be
looking for anything exciting. Mind you, moderates by definition don't
truly stand for anything so it doesn't really matter what the candidate
stands for. These people voted for Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton all
based on one thing, "how does he make me feel?" Realizing this Obama
will be a lightening rod on the campaign trail. He will draw record
crowds for every appearance he makes (something he's already begun to
do.) Money will flow in as a result. Obama's strategy of talking about
cooperation, sounding bipartisan, and seeming to curtly rebuke both
sides of the aisle will seem to validate his "ability" to "stay above
the frey."

ENERGIZED BLACKS - The true voice for alternatives for black voters will
not be heard because the voices of great men like Bishop Harry Jackson
will not yet have become distinct enough within American media, and
because the media, in ignoring the Bishop, will instead return again and
again to the altar of Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. Instead, as the
media is already doing, there will be near non-stop fawning over the
Senator from Illinois as he flashes the big smile. Black voters, who in
the majority vote for party and not conviction anyway, will see Obama as
the personality that no one since Dr. King has been able to live up too.
Obama will be invited to each and every significant black pulpit in
America. He will rail with poetry, sing with soul, rhyme when
appropriate, and never will the IRS even think of threatening even one
of these houses of worship for illegal political action.

GULLIBLE EVANGELICALS - The most reliable base of voters for the
Republican Party since the days of President Reagan have been the social
conservatives. Church-going born-again Christians who believe in God,
the importance of His word, and the significance of living out their
faith in an open and compassionate way every single day have been the
backbone of the GOP. This past Friday Rick Warren, (CFR member like
OBOMBA), through the implied endorsement of allowing Obama to speak at
one of the largest evangelical churches in America gave Obama the
opportunity to split evangelicals who will be misled by Obama's words
instead of opening their eyes to his actions. In my gentle admonition to
Rick Warren over the past couple of weeks I reiterated time and again
that it was this opportunity being extended to Obama that would be
manipulated by both the press , and Obama himself to pose as a "person
of faith." Warren's stubborn action of insisting upon having Obama speak
at Saddleback Church in southern California has had that exact effect .

>From this point forward should the trend of any of these five areas
shift significantly Obama's chances could be compromised. But there are
credible reasons to believe that they won't be.

So mark this date down, because it is the first time anyone accurately
predicted that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United

And you have no idea how much I hope this prediction does not come true!

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