[Rushtalk] Ed Meese Calls Obama Admini stration "the Most Lawless Ever!"

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Former Attorney General Calls the Obama Administration “the Most Lawless Ever!”

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Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III served 
under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 – 1985, 
and in 
recent interview with Genevieve Wood from the 
Daily Signal, he said something amazing about the Obama administration.

“This is the most lawless administration in the 
history of the country,” the former AG told Wood.

Wood: What is the biggest threat to the US Constitution today?

Meese: “
 We have today the fact that literally 
the Constitution is being overlooked particularly 
the separation of powers. The responsibility to 
make sure that the laws are passed by Congress 
and that it’s power to make the laws on behalf of 
the people is not usurped by the Executive Branch.”

Wood: For those who say we currently have a 
lawless administration right now, would you go that far?

Meese: “I regret to say that I think that’s true. 
Even the news media which has been notoriously 
favorable towards this administration has been 
picking up on that and have been pointing out 
things such as recess appointments when there was 
no recess of the Senate. Situations in which 
administrative agencies like the EPA have tried 
to get around the fact that Congress specifically 
turned down certain measures and they are then 
trying to apply those measures by regulations. 
Things such as immigration laws and welfare laws 
that have been directly broken by this 
administration. All of those things I think 
contribute to the fact that this is the most 
lawless administration in the history of the country.”

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