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Exterminate the voodoo zombies of ISIS

Exclusive: Ted Nugent calls for total elimination of Middle East 'cockroaches'

Published: 1 day ago
  <http://www.wnd.com/author/tnugent/>Ted Nugent 
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Quite honestly, I’m not shocked at all that so 
many apathetic Americans are not shocked over the 
ISIS voodoo Muslim monsters beheading people.

The dumbing down of America has been on the 
runaway fast-track for more than 50 years and 
counting, just in time to brainwash unsuspecting 
sheep into voting for an America-hating Muslim 
community organizer dedicated to the fundamental 
transformation of the greatest nation on earth 
into some “social justice” hellhole.

These same comfortably numb, clueless souls 
couldn’t tell you what the Bataan Death March 
was, either. I can guarantee you they never heard 
of the Rape of Nanking, the Trail of Tears, or 
that Nazi jackboots bludgeoned Jewish children to 
death with the buttstocks of their rifles to 
determine how many blows it would take before 
they die so they could make lampshades out of their skins.

So many are dumbed down just enough to unleash 
their hero Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” 
destructo derby on honest guitar players or 
anyone else who dares to expose their evil plan to wreck America.

To witness roving reporters on the streets of 
America ask people basic questions about critical 
issues and occurrences is an abject lesson in 
engineered buffoonery. Ignorance is bliss all 
right, suicidal bliss when you dare ignore the 
depth of evil at the hands of demonic beheaders, 
women enslavers and “honor killing” voodoo zombies.

Yeah, Islam is the religion of peace, Shariah law 
is compatible with the Ten Commandments, and I’m 
a gay pirate playing electric accordion in a Lawrence Welk cover band.

Oh, and a little update from the goofy guitar 
player to the leader of the free world: Contrary 
to your ridiculous speech, ISIS is indeed 
Islamic. It’s in their name, Mr. President. 
Nobody calls themselves Islamic State unless they 
are Islamic. You may want to write that down just 
in case your propaganda ministry writes more 
absurd hypocrisy and lies on your next 
teleprompter run. Just saying. I’m here to help.

Think of ISIS in these terms: If you had 
cockroaches in your home, would you try to kill 
just a few of them, or would you hatch an extermination plan to kill them all?

more of Ted Nugent’s no-holds-barred passion and 
patriotism in his books and WND’s “Ted Nugent for President!” bumper sticker

Though I’m far from a military strategist, it 
makes crystal clear sense to me that the free 
world needs to hatch a plan to kill all these 
cockroaches and all those who harbor them. We 
certainly have the might, and only voodoo monsters would deny our right.

David Cameron, the U.K. prime minister, had it 
exactly right when he recently said we need “to 
drain this poison from society.” Mr. Cameron 
should start by launching an initiative to 
eliminate Shariah law from encroaching yet further on the U.K.’s legal system.

Of course, Mr. Cameron’s proposal is exactly what 
we should do, but the question is: What will we do?

No honest person could possibly have any faith 
that Mr. Obama will do whatever is necessary to 
drain the ISIS poison from the face of the earth. 
A managed response is no response when it comes to exterminating cockroaches.

Facts being the pesky things that they are, we 
should remember it was Mr. Obama who removed our 
warriors from Iraq against the advice of our generals.

These Muslim monsters only respect one thing: 
violence. And we should give them more violence 
than they thought was humanly possible.

We should rain hell down on these Muslim monsters 
and all who provide them safe haven until there 
is nothing left of their hate and evil ways.

A scorched-earth policy is a good policy as it 
pertains to exterminating these devils. Killing 
them all would send a message to every other 
voodoo nutjob that America once again is all business.

If Mr. Obama wants to exterminate these Muslim 
monsters and truly make the world a safer place, 
he should reach out to retired Devil Dog Gen. 
James Mattis and make him the first five-star 
general with the title “Supreme A– Kicker In Charge of ISIS Extermination.”

ISIS can cut the heads off people to try and 
“shock and awe” us. Now we must commit to carpet 
bombing them back into their caves and then to annihilate their caves.

Do we want to exterminate these monsters and 
their vile religion of hate and murder or just 
give hollow speeches and kick the toxic can down 
the road for the next president and the next 
generation of Americans? Thoughtful, intelligent, 
caring Americans are not only fed up and damn 
angry, but we are scared to death of what this 
president and crazy administration has in store for our beloved country.

If we the people don’t demand real change, proper 
change, intelligent change back to the real 
America we once knew and were proud of, this 
“social justice” scam will be the end of the 
greatest quality of life the world has ever 
known. It is in our hands, America. Are you American enough?

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