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>A huge Muslim problem :  1400 Hundred Years of Inbreeding......
>During the pilot transition program with the 
>KV-107 and C-130 with Lockheed, we found that 
>most Saudi pilot trainees had very limited night 
>vision, even on the brightest of moonlit nights. 
>Their training retention rate was minimal including maintenance personnel.
>Some had dim memories and had to be constantly 
>reminded of things that were told to them the 
>day before. An American, British or any other 
>western instructor is burned out pretty quick. 
>It actually took Muslim C-130 pilots years 
>before they could fly in the dark safely and 
>then would be reluctant to leave the lights of a 
>city. Ask any Marine, Air Force or Army guy 
>who’s been trying to train Iraqis, and especially Afghans.
>Islam is not only a religion; it's a way of life 
>all the way around. Yet another set of revealing 
>facts about Muslim beliefs and traditions and ways of life.
>1400 years of inbreeding.  I found this to be 
>interesting. Didn't know whether to believe it 
>or not. To research I went to Wikipedia, "Cousin 
>Marriage", and far down in the article 
>"Genetics" it seems there is a lot of truth here.
>Nikolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who has 
>done extensive research into a little-known 
>problem in the Muslim world: the disastrous 
>results of Muslim inbreeding brought about by the marriage of first cousins.
>This practice, which has been prohibited in the 
>Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of 
>Moses, was sanctioned by Muhammad and has been 
>going on now for 50 generations (1,400 years) in 
>the Muslim world. This practice of inbreeding 
>will never go away in the Muslim world, since 
>Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority 
>on all matters, including marriage.
>The massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may 
>well have done virtually irreversible damage to 
>the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage 
>to its intelligence, sanity, and health. 
>According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred.
>In Pakistan , the numbers approach 70%. Even in 
>England , more than half of Pakistani immigrants 
>are married to their first cousins, and in 
>Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani 
>immigrants is around 40%. The numbers are 
>equally devastating in other important Muslim 
>countries: 67% in Saudi Arabia , 64% in Jordan , 
>and Kuwait , 63% in Sudan , 60% in Iraq , and 
>54% in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.
>According to the BBC, this Pakistani, 
>Muslim-inspired inbreeding is thought to explain 
>the probability that a British Pakistani family 
>is more than 13 times as likely to have children 
>with recessive genetic disorders. While 
>Pakistanis are responsible for three percent of 
>the births in the UK, they account for 33% of 
>children with genetic birth defects.
>The risks of what are called autosomal recessive 
>disorders such as cystic fibrosis, spinal 
>muscular atrophy is 18 times higher, and the 
>risk of death due to malformations is 10 times 
>higher. Other negative consequences of 
>inbreeding include a 100 percent increase in the 
>risk of stillbirths and a 50% increase in the 
>possibility that a child will die during labor.
>Lowered intellectual capacity is another 
>devastating consequence of Muslim marriage 
>patterns. According to Sennels, research shows 
>that children of consanguineous marriages lose 
>10-16 points off their IQ and that social 
>abilities develop much slower in inbred babies. 
>The risk of having an IQ lower than 70, the 
>official demarcation for being classified as 
>"retarded," increases by an astonishing 400 
>percent among children of cousin marriages. 
>(Similar effects were seen in the Paranoiac 
>dynasties in ancientEgypt and in the British 
>royal family, where inbreeding was the norm for a significant period of time.)
>In Denmark , non-Western immigrants are more 
>than 300 percent more likely to fail the 
>intelligence test required for entrance into the 
>Danish army. Sennels says, "The ability to enjoy 
>and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is 
>simply lower in the Islamic world." He points 
>out that the Arab world translates just 330 
>books every year, about 20% of what Greece alone does.
>In the last 1,200 years of Islam, just 100,000 
>books have been translated into Arabic, about 
>what Spain does in a single year. Seven out of 
>10 Turks have never even read a book. Sennels 
>points out the difficulties this creates for 
>Muslims seeking to succeed in the West. "A lower 
>IQ, together with a religion that denounces 
>critical thinking, surely makes it harder for 
>many Muslims to have success in our high-tech knowledge societies."
>Only nine Muslims have ever won the Nobel Prize, 
>and five of those were for the «Peace Prize»... 
>According to Nature magazine, Muslim countries 
>produce just 10 percent of the world average 
>when it comes to scientific research measured by 
>articles per million inhabitants.
>In Denmark , Sennels' native country, Muslim 
>children are grossly over represented among 
>children with special needs. One-third of the 
>budget for Danish schools is consumed by special 
>education, and anywhere from 51% to 70% of 
>retarded children with physical handicaps 
>inCopenhagen have an immigrant background. 
>Learning ability is severely affected as well. 
>Studies indicated that 64% of schoolchildren 
>with Arabic parents are still illiterate after 
>10 years in the Danish school system. The 
>immigrant dropout rate in Danish high schools is twice that of the native-born.
>Mental illness is also a product. The closer the 
>blood relative, the higher the risk of schizophrenic illness.
>Sennels concludes: There is no doubt that the 
>wide spread tradition of first cousin marriages 
>among Muslims has harmed the gene pool among 
>Muslims. Because Muslims' religious beliefs 
>prohibit marrying non-Muslims and thus prevents 
>them from adding fresh genetic material to their 
>population, the genetic damage done to their 
>gene pool since their prophet allowed first 
>cousin marriages 1,400 years ago are most likely 
>massive. This has produced overwhelming direct 
>and indirect human and societal consequences.
>Bottom line:
>Islam is not simply a benign and morally 
>equivalent alternative to the Judeo-Christian 
>tradition. As Sennels points out, the first and 
>biggest victims of Islam are Muslims. Simple 
>Judeo-Christian compassion for Muslims and a 
>common-sense desire to protect Western 
>civilization from the ravages of Islam dictate a 
>vigorous opposition to the spread of this dark and dangerous religion.
>               Some interesting links that support this.
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