[Rushtalk] No Extra Speaking For Michelle :-)?

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Tue Sep 30 15:08:40 MDT 2014

As long as Burke's campaign is paying for the event they get to set the rules.   ....but..... why do I supect her travel to the campaign event was on us????  Tom
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Richard Whitenight <rwhitenight2004 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Meg Kissinger is a seasoned reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
>Wisconsin’s well-known newspaper. She’s seen a lot in her days. But what
>she said happened at a speech by Michelle Obama in the state on Monday left
>her utterly “creeped out.”
>Kissinger took to her Facebook and Twitter page to describe what happened.
>In short, she said, aides for both the first lady and Wisconsin Democratic
>candidate for governor, Mary Burke, told her she was banned from talking to
>members of the crowd.
>Kissinger was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, covering the first lady’s speech in
>which she was stumping for Burke.
>“[A]ssigned to cover Michelle Obama’s speech today and was told by a Mary
>Burke aide and one for the White House that I could not speak to the people
>in the crowd,” she said on her Facebook page
><https://www.facebook.com/meg.kissinger?fref=ufi>. “To say that I was
>creeped out is an understatement. This is what reporters do in America: we
>speak to people. At least that’s how I’ve been doing things — at all kinds
>of political events — since 1979.”
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