[Rushtalk] U.S. Air Force's most sophisticated stealth jet is beaten in dogfight by plane from 1970s... despite being the most expensive weapon in history

Carl Spitzer lynux at keepandbeararms.com
Sun Aug 2 07:30:18 MDT 2015

On Fri, 2015-07-31 at 15:28 -0400, Tom Matiska wrote:

> An F16 pilot who flew against one gave me a pretty good opinion of it.  It is a whole new class of fighter.    Hard to defend the price tag.   We need to buy a few hundred more of the latest F15s and F16s before our inventory is reduced to a few dozen new toys and mostly 30++ year old jets .    Tom

I agree we need punchers not boxers for the next air war against an
Islamic state whoever decides to commit suicide by provoking us.
Queensbury rules will not apply therein.

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