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Video: Gay Open Carry Group Kicked Out of Gay Pride Rally
"They cannot be taken seriously as an organization that is all for
rights and equality if they block the entrance..."

by Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com | June 22, 2015
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A gay open carry group was barred from entering a gay pride event in the
state of Washington Saturday after event organizers claimed they were
being “harmed psychologically” by the presence of firearms.

While approaching the entrance of the 25th annual Capital City Pride
rally, the Second Amendment group, well known in the area for open
carrying AR-15 rifles, was told by event staff to remove their firearms
or leave the area.

“We don’t want your guns here,” a female organizer said. “Plain and

Noting the irony of being discriminated against due to their firearms
and libertarian beliefs, the group attempted to explain the definition
of inalienable rights to the unwilling staff.

“We have a right to say ‘we don’t feel safe! We have a right to say ‘we
don’t feel safe!” the staff chanted in response.

As the group headed towards the other side of the entrance, the staff’s
rhetoric grew increasingly hostile.

“Over my dead body!” a woman shouted in protest.

According to the cameraman, who said a gay man was banned from the event
for life for simply being a libertarian, the incident represented a
clear case of bigotry and a civil rights violation.

“They always talk about the right being a bunch of bigots, yet it’s
equal on the left,” he said.

Unable to enter the public event, the group returned the following day,
only to receive even more condemnation for their
constitutionally-protected activity.

“After the events that unfolded on the previous day dealing with the
employees that told the group of arms bearing citizens they had to
leave, the group returns once again with their gear to continue to stand
up for their rights and to show mutual respect for the civil rights of
every person at the event, even those who seemed to want to pick and
choose who was allowed to have rights and who was not,” the video’s
description states.

After being confronted by several angry staff members, the group was
eventually asked to leave by police.

The encounter, according to the group, perfectly illustrates how the
anti-gun left are more concerned with hurt “feelings” than actual civil
rights. __._,_.___ 

Posted by: Bruce Majors <majors.bruce at gmail.com> 

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