[Rushtalk] George Will on Why Ron Paul is Right About Foreign Policy and RINO Mitt Romney is Wrong

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 19 07:08:41 MDT 2015

And don't forget debt service. That and entitlements comprise nearly 70%
of the budget.

43% of the world's total military spending seems pretty efficient
considering the US performs 90% of the world's policing.

That adds up to four cents.

On 8/19/2015 8:54 AM, Steven Laib wrote:
> The problem is that if we weren't spending horrendous amounts of money
> on social welfare then the budget would not be anywhere near as
> troubled by the military spending.
> IMO, Military spending is constitutionally mandated.  Social welfare
> is not and may not even be permitted. 
> Just my two cents.
> On 8/17/15 11:00 PM, Carl Spitzer wrote:
>> *George Will on Why Ron Paul is Right About Foreign Policy and Mitt
>> Romney is Wrong*
>> /Writes/George Will:
>> Few things so embitter a nation as squandered valor, hence Americans,
>> with much valor spent there, want Iraq to master its fissures. But
>> with America in the second decade of its longest war, the probable
>> Republican nominee is promising to extend it indefinitely.
>> Mitt Romney opposes negotiations with the Taliban while they “are
>> killing our soldiers.” Which means: No negotiations until the war
>> ends, when there will be nothing about which to negotiate…
>> *The U.S. defense budget is about 43% of the world’s total military
>> spending ­ more than the combined defense spending of the next 17
>> nations*, many of which are U.S. allies. *Are Republicans really
>> going to warn voters that America will be imperiled if the defense
>> budget is cut 8% from projections over the next decade? In 2017,
>> defense spending would still be more than that of the next 10 countries.*
>> *Do Republicans think it is premature to withdraw up to 7,000 troops
>> from Europe two decades after the Soviet Union’s death?*About 73,000
>> will remain, most of them in prosperous, pacific, largely unarmed and
>> utterly unthreatened Germany. Why do so many remain?
>> *Since 2001, the United States has waged war in three nations, and
>> some Republicans appear ready to bring the total to five, adding Iran
>> and Syria.*(/The Weekly Standard/, of neoconservative bent, regrets
>> that Obama “is reluctant to intervene to oust Iran’s closest ally,
>> Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.”) *GOP critics say Obama’s proposed
>> defense cuts will limit America’s ability to engage in
>> troop-intensive nation-building. Most Americans probably say: Good…*
>> Romney says: “It is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon…”
>> (Leon) Panetta says Iran acquiring nuclear weapons is “unacceptable”
>> and “a red line for us” and if “we get intelligence that they are
>> proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon, then we will take
>> whatever steps necessary to stop it.”
>> *What, then, is the difference between Romney and Obama regarding Iran?*
>> *Osama bin Laden and many other “high-value targets” are dead, the
>> drone war is being waged more vigorously than ever, and Guantanamo is
>> still open,*so Republicans can hardly say Obama has implemented
>> dramatic and dangerous discontinuities regarding counterterrorism.
>> Obama says that even with his proposed cuts, the defense budget would
>> increase at about the rate of inflation through the next decade.
>> *Republicans who think America is being endangered by “appeasement”
>> and military parsimony have worked that pedal on their organ quite
>> enough.*
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