[Rushtalk] Chris Christie Vetoes Bill That Would Have Allowed Transgender People To Change Their Birth Certificates

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>A RINO gets one right.

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>Chris Christie Vetoes Bill That Would Have 
>Allowed Transgender People To Change Their Birth Certificates
>One of the bill's sponsors accused Christie, a 
>2016 GOP presidential candidate, of political pandering.
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>  Fang Associate Politics Editor, The Huffington Post
>Posted: 08/10/2015 05:38 PM EDT
> New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Monday 
> <http://www.northjersey.com/news/christie-again-vetoes-bill-allowing-transgendered-people-to-amend-birth-certificates-1.1390166>vetoed 
> a bill that would have made it easier for 
> transgender people to change their name and 
> gender identification on their birth 
> certificates. Christie claimed that the bill 
> would result in “legal uncertainties” and that 
> it raised “legitimate and significant concerns” over security.
>“Birth certificates unlock access to many of our 
>nation and state’s critical and protected 
>benefits such as passports, driver’s licenses, 
>and social services, as well as other important 
>security-dependent allowances,” Christie said in 
>a statement announcing the veto. “Accordingly, I 
>remain committed to the principle that efforts 
>to significantly alter State law concerning the 
>issuance of vital records that have the 
>potential to create legal uncertainties should 
>be closely scrutinized and sparingly approved.”
>Birth Certificate Modernization Bill would allow 
>state agencies to change a transgender person’s 
>birth certificate,as long as the individual 
>provided proof of undergoing treatment for a 
>gender transition from a medical professional. 
>Currently under state law, transgender 
>individuals can only amend their birth 
>certificates if they have undergone full gender 
>reassignment surgery, which can be costly and 
>creates barriers for low-income transgender individuals.
>In June, the bill 
>overwhelmingly in both chambers of the New 
>Jersey legislature. One of the bill’s sponsors, 
>Democratic Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri 
>Christie, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, of 
>vetoing the bill for political reasons.
>"Instead of updating a standard state procedure 
>to be more inclusive and reflective of our 
>changing society, the governor has once again 
>chosen to pander to the right by masquerading 
>behind baseless arguments," she said.
>Transgender advocates condemned Christie’s veto, 
>stressing how authorizing the bill would have 
>granted more rights to transgender individuals.
>“His veto on this bill keeps in place outdated 
>and burdensome requirements that make it 
>incredibly difficult for transgender people to 
>get birth certificates that match who they are,” 
>the National Center for Transgender Equality 
>said in a 
>“Birth certificates play an enormous role in 
>transgender people's ability to live their life as the person that they are.”
>“Many of us wouldn’t think twice when asked to 
>show our ID, but this is a very serious issue 
>for transgender people. Having identity 
>documents that accurately reflect who you are is 
>vital in so many areas of everyday life – from 
>applying for a job to exercising our rights at 
>the ballot box. Governor Christie’s veto makes 
>life more difficult for transgender people in 
>New Jersey with absolutely no benefit to the 
>state,” said Mason Davis, the executive director of the Transgender Law Center.
>This is the second time Christie has vetoed the 
>bill -- when it last came up in 2014, Christie 
>gave the same reason for vetoing it.
>According to the Human Rights Campaign, eight 
>states plus the District of Columbia have 
>legislation that eliminates the mandate that 
>transgender individuals need to get surgery 
>before they can amend their birth certificates.
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